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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tirisula Yoga @ Arab Street


Address: 80B Arab Street Singapore 199777 (Studio)
                   62A Arab Street Singapore 199759 (Studio & Retail)

Tel: + 65 62995181 (Studio)
        +65 62995191 (Retail)

Click HERE for Belif Workshop! 
Click HERE for Infuusa Workshop! 
Click HERE for Rachel K Workshop! (Blogpost coming up soon)

Tirisula Yoga is having a 50-Hour Yoga Transformation Training from 19th to 30th January 2015. 
If you are interested, they are now having a great deal at 50% off (U.P S$1800) for my readers!
Go to their website , search for the ''19th January 2015 50hr Transformation Yoga Training''  and quote ''vivienneeluv'' while making the booking. 

I had always wanted to try yoga because I heard of weight loss stories. "Weight loss" is the keyword for me. As you know, I've been eating a lot, whenever I reached home from work & dinner, I just want to take a hot bath and go to bed. No time to workout or jog at all! 

I have a friend in taipei, she's at the age of 55. Since day 1 I know her, which was 8 years ago, she's has been doing yoga everyday. I wished I could post her photo here. She looks young, no grey hairs and even had bangs like me, good complexion, lean, and healthy! I asked her what's her trick, she said "yoga".

Maybe 6-7 years back, some hard sell yoga and fitness company called me and offer free trials. Free trials, why not? I can get to experience what is yoga like. So I went, the yoga session was conducted in an air conditioned room, the instructor doesn't care if I can catch up or not, so I was left there in a big class of 30-40 yogis, struggling all by myself. I never even perspire, not a single drop. After shower (since their bathrooms are nice), I was then brought to a pantry, they started hard selling. So.. That's what yoga like to me. I had never want to take up yoga again. 

One day, I received an invitation to a 2-day bloggers' yoga workshop from Tirisula Yoga. I thought this might be fun. Apart from yoga, there are skin care/Infuusa workshops too! I was thinking, why not? It's time to try yoga for a second time, if I didn't like it, at least I can enjoy the rest of the non-yoga workshops. So I went ahead and am very glad that I joined the other bloggers for this workshop. Maybe it's an eye-opener for me but not for them. The rest of the other bloggers are so flexible! I'm the only old bones & the most inflexible. But the litres of sweat makes me feel satisfied! 

What have I learnt? I've learn that yoga is not going there, jump & act like monkeys. Yoga is a THERAPY, makes you feel good, happy, relieve stress, calms you down, not just for weight loss. And I am amazed that what we can do on the yoga mat! You do need a huge space. 

After I got home from the 2-day workshop, I actually missed doing yoga! I told my colleague ''I missed yoga so much'', I guessed its time i fork out time to do yoga, its better to start now than never. 

And I also chanced upon this video online.
Now I'm further more convinced that yoga is a therapy. Nothing is impossible. 

 photo file_zps32b855b1.jpg

 photo file_zps7b7bd5a5.jpg

 photo file_zps30a8ce62.jpg

 photo file_zps423e8047.jpg

 photo file_zps38114830.jpg

 photo file_zps057f2bb7.jpg

 photo file_zps866b469d.jpg

 photo file_zps7a20bc34.jpg

 photo file_zpsdede889b.jpg

 photo file_zpse87586bd.jpg

We can have goodies bag!! Thanks to the generous sponsors, InfuusaBelif, Rachel K, The Fitness Grocer & Provenance Distribution.

 photo file_zpsf1688865.jpg

Munching the cookie as I am blogging this post.

 photo file_zpsc3984032.jpg

 photo file_zps6c2d52be.jpg

 photo file_zps48e0db06.jpg

 photo file_zpsd0327129.jpg

 photo file_zps251fb7cd.jpg

 photo file_zpsc1610d17.jpg

 photo file_zps4adebe84.jpg

 photo file_zpsdd8a93b0.jpg

 photo file_zpsa2a55c57.jpg

I can only touch my feet if I bend my leg :( 

 photo file_zps09eae56b.jpg

 photo file_zps77112222.jpg

 photo file_zpsdf69b489.jpg

 photo file_zps16a6fdc5.jpg
Master Wei Ling conducted the class on the 1st day.

 photo file_zps1082a0bc.jpg

 photo file_zps7c295dc4.jpg

 photo file_zps0100de7d.jpg

 photo file_zps06fee42a.jpg
Master Paalu conducted the class on the 2nd day.

 photo file_zpsa95a5292.jpg

 photo file_zps34e91b9e.jpg

 photo file_zps70475e72.jpg

 photo file_zps48fed7b3.jpg

 photo file_zpsa506ca83.jpg

Doing the headstand! 2nd yoga class and we are doing it, some girls in this class are really awesome! 

 photo file_zps4854ae16.jpg

22 bloggers, 2 days. 1 will be chosen to be the ambassador! 

After yoga class, we have ''lessons'' from:

 photo file_zpseff240dc.jpg

Master Paalu 

 photo file_zpsb5a722e5.jpg

& Master Wei Ling

 photo file_zps65e086a2.jpg

 photo file_zpse7204a24.jpg

 photo file_zpseb6d98fa.jpg

 photo file_zps15345c66.jpg

 photo file_zps7760f7ff.jpg

 photo file_zps748e585b.jpg

 photo file_zps20c31573.jpg

 photo file_zps410f7566.jpg

A nice outdoor area

 photo file_zps6d70c120.jpg

 photo file_zps6c79237f.jpg

 photo file_zpsd273dc19.jpg

 photo file_zps9a141119.jpg

 photo file_zpsf4eb4f08.jpg

 photo file_zps6c864fe6.jpg

With Reni!

 photo file_zps5ce7cae1.jpg

On the second day before going home. My eyes were closed but I still want to post as the 2 masters are smiling so happily!

 photo file_zps552f167b.jpg

Ok, a proper one! They are really awesome teachers! 

Here are the photos from Tirisula Yoga:

 photo file_zpsc0fdca6a.jpg

 photo file_zps6dcb6e3d.jpg

 photo file_zps8cd68ce7.jpg

 photo file_zps13e009ee.jpg

 photo file_zps7635991c.jpg

 photo file_zpsc7b1cb35.jpg

 photo file_zps72bc459a.jpg

 photo file_zps1634bf70.jpg

 photo file_zps91069c7a.jpg

 photo file_zps3453fc48.jpg

 photo file_zpsa0a534a0.jpg

 photo file_zps22ca59fa.jpg

 photo file_zpsed605d7e.jpg

 photo file_zps4d1fd09c.jpg

 photo file_zpsc2b4ce03.jpg

 photo file_zpsd77bd3d1.jpg

 photo file_zps42aa2160.jpg

 photo file_zps52fc296c.jpg

 photo file_zpse0e2a46b.jpg

 photo file_zps7867d87b.jpg

Thank you Tirisula Yoga for having me at the blogger's event! You guys opened my eyes to yoga, and thank you for preparing such yummy food for us to replenish our energy as well as organising of workshops & sponsors. 

Check them out 

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