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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Harry's 22nd Birthday Celebration @ Boat Quay

Harry's @ Boat Quay

Address: 28B & 28C Boat Quay Singapore 049818
Tel: +65 65383029
Opening Hours: Sun to Thu & non weekend PH 11.30am to 1am
                                Fri, Sat & eve of PH 11.30am to 2am

Happy Harry's Day!!!!

As I have blogged before about Harry's and its makeover last month when I was invited to their Marina Bay Link Mall's branch, Harry's is no stranger to Singapore's food & beverage scene. 

Its iconic flagship outlet at Boat Quay proves to be a game-changer after its million dollar makeover. Come to think about it, its been a few years since I last stepped into Harry's as it used to be too dark and made me feel like sleeping after a few drinks. After seeing the revamp of MBLM & Boat Quay, I am so convinced to go back again & again as it gives a cozy feel now! 

Its been such an honour to be invited to Harry's 22nd birthday & reopening of Boat Quay's outlet party! We start off the party with a boat ride, which I enjoyed myself so much, its not just a sight-seeing boat ride.

 photo file_zps4a1d04bf.jpg

Iconic flagship heritage outlet looks set to illuminate the riverside.

 photo file_zps56e57d17.jpg

 photo file_zpsb15ea105.jpg

 photo file_zps827abf8f.jpg

 photo file_zps602bedf4.jpg

Our ride of that day! 

 photo file_zps5eb3dc2d.jpg

Onboard the boat as Jeffrey tells us about Harry's history, followed by games, we won Harry's tee shirt!

 photo file_zpsbb1ecb45.jpg

Founded in 1992 as the first Jazz bar in the area, Harry's Boat Quay has grown from a quaint shop-house to a stunning establishment, serving quality drinks and delectable treats for every occasion. 

Now, Harry's has 20 outlets situated at key business districts and suburban areas; but this eponymous outlet still remains a firm favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. 

 photo file_zpsb5d28131.jpg

 photo file_zps77f36736.jpg

 photo file_zps4dc7296a.jpg

With 22 years of history, Harry's Boat Quay is home to many guests from all walks of life, including its most infamous regular - Nick Leeson.

When Leeson caused the collapse of UK's 230-year old Barings Bank in 1995, an international limelight was cast on Harry's as it was his favourite hangout. And so, a shooter was created. We tried the shooter later at Harry's. Show you later!

 photo file_zps952a375a.jpg

 photo file_zpsfe8c5788.jpg

 photo file_zps80406368.jpg

 photo file_zps0b4c5644.jpg

 photo file_zps489c4196.jpg

 photo file_zps66ffae1a.jpg

Our boat arrived at Boat Quay! We were greeted by Harry's team on the shore and led by Karen, Nat, Jeffrey and Harry's team to Harry's! 

 photo file_zpsec538baf.jpg

 photo file_zps5db5932a.jpg

My photos don't bring justice to how beautiful this place is, at about 6pm maybe. (After the boat ride)

 photo file_zps8cb400ff.jpg

 photo file_zps3ab17956.jpg

 photo file_zpseca5a292.jpg

We were shown to the stairs leading to level 2, Harry's Dining Room.

Decked out in fresh coat of white with navy blue window caopies, the facade beckons one into the inviting and intimate living room of Harry's. Characterised by touches inspired by musical references as a salute to Harry's heritage, many will find themselves admiring the novel light fixtures in the form of the horn and trumpet. 

''Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder'' 

''Laughter is not the best medicine, Lager is.'' 

''Chemically speaking, alcohol is a solution.''

''I used to think that drinking was bad for me… so i gave up thinking.''

Love all the whimsical quotes here at Harry's. 

Harry's Dining Room is also ideal for private events and corporate functions, it offers a similarly cosy ambience with a lovely view of the Singapore River.


With an extensive variety of alcohol from premium wines and spirits to beers, patrons can choose among 9 brews that are available on tap, including the signature HPL (Harry's Premium Lager), Asahi, Kronenbourg 1664, Carlsberg Grren and Somersby Apple Cider among others.

 photo file_zps09620434.jpg

Vodka, watermelon liqueur, lemon juice, grenadine.

 photo file_zpsb4faecbf.jpg

Peach schnapps, sliced peaches, grenadine, sparkling wine.

 photo file_zps959edf1d.jpg
HPL HARRY'S PREMIUM LAGER S$7 for half a pint

A deep golden lager beer known for its pure floral happiness due to its characteristic malt taste and crisp finish.


 photo file_zps1a8e501b.jpg
Harry's Wingmen S$8 for 4 pieces | $11 for 6 pieces

Signature dishes are a must-try, no matter how many times we have been to Harry's! 

It is their secret marinade (blend of spices and seasoning) and deep-frying them to render a delightful crunch that makes these wings deliciously additive, 

 photo file_zpsaf13f3de.jpg
CRACKIN' RIBS S$17 for 6 pieces

Cooked once for tenderness, and deep fried for double the pleasure, these crispy baby-back ribs are accented with curry spices and balanced with our refreshing mint yoghurt. 

My first time trying deep fried ribs, it was good. Use your hands as it is more shiok this way!

 photo file_zps5c6de4da.jpg

Temptingly crispy fries seasoned with cajun spices and rosemary, served with a creamy aioli.

 photo file_zps96928a7d.jpg

Flatbreads as its name described, its flat, which is to my liking and which also mean I can have a few more slices and not feeling stuffed!

 photo file_zps68001f0f.jpg

 photo file_zps3f7cacc6.jpg

 photo file_zps36ca837a.jpg
Mushroom & Truffle Oil Flatbread S$20

It smells so nice while we were taking pictures, its make me want to tuck in so anxiously. I don't like anything that has overwhelming taste of truffle, this is perfect! Everything was just right.

Other toppings available:
Pulled Pork & Coriander S$20
Meat Sauce & Sausage S$24
Tomato Confit, Mozzarella, Fresh Basil & Rocket S$16

 photo file_zpsf5cfcc3f.jpg
Apple & Pear Crumble S$15 

So glad that they served us my favourite dessert in Harry's! 

Crowned with a buttery crust with vanilla bean ice cream is the most perfect way to end a meal. The warm caramelised apple & pear chunks eaten with buttery crust and cold ice cream is orgasm in your mouth. Come try it yourselves!

 photo file_zps6f1a47a3.jpg
Black Forest Sundae S$16 

A classic pairing of Movenpick's ice cream topped with freshly baked mini brownie squares and dark cherries twist.

 photo file_zpse32a7e3b.jpg

As mentioned earlier, this shooter was created because of Nick Leeson. It is a deceptively sweet concoction of a potent shot of midori muskmelon liquor, whisky and soda water. 

Its is sweet at first but leave a slight bitter aftertaste, describing how Leeson break the bank with lots of money (sweet) but went tio jail in the end (bitter).

 photo file_zpsc1c726b3.jpg
Cheers with my dining companion that night. Love the company! 

 photo file_zps07f38071.jpg

 photo file_zpsd3d5a635.jpg

You know Photo Booth used to be very popular (not sure if it is now), because it instantly develop a photo for you & your friends. Now they are taking it to a higher level.

What we did was to take a selfie/wefie/groupfie, post on instagram and hashtag whatever they wanted us to tag. Soon, they came to us and pass us our photo! How cool is that! Save the hassle of the bulky photo booth as some venues cannot permit that kind of space, take a picture with your phone is perfect! Such a brilliant idea.

 photo file_zps0aba87cd.jpg\

The loots from Harry's and spot the tee shirt that I've won on the boat ride by answering question.

Thank you Harry's for hosting us, we definitely had a awesome day at the party. Happy Harry's Day!!

 photo file_zpsbf4e48e3.jpg

Lastly, sista brought me her homemade DAIRY FREE DOUBLE CHOCOLATE AVOCADO COOKIES and some chocolates! <3 

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