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Monday, March 10, 2014

Strangers' Reunion - Waffle Slayer

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Girly Dress for a Sundate Brunch.

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Strangers' Reunion was already quite packed at 10.50am when I was there, however I was there for Waffle Slayer, which was empty, lights off.

Read below for my Instagram review, I am lazy to type a bad review again.

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''Strangers' Reunion opened a new waffle bar right beside it's current location. My third time to Strangers' Reunion. 

1st time I left because nobody wanted to attend to us, queueing system (maybe no such system) sucks. Our Q gets cut and so on. 

2nd, finally tried their waffles, was pretty satisfied. 

3rd, which was yesterday, approached a staff to ask what time Waffle Slayer open, he is not sure. (added more details: so I went into SR, asked the barista if WS is open, she said 11am.) So we waited quite a while, we were greeted by another staff who told us we could go in, place our order, however it will take a little while since they just open. We are fine about it. Ordered 1 out of 2 savoury waffles, Squid Ink Waffles with Poached Eggs, but was told that it's not available as she doesn't know how to make poached eggs, so, we ordered 2 sweet waffles instead. 

Shortly after, someone placed an order for another savoury waffles (bacon & ice cream), the staff shouted through the small window shared between SR & WS, that she doesn't know how to make bacon waffles, then I heard some replies from SR's side that "ay does anyone knows how to make bacon waffles?" 

Not trying to complain, am just sharing my experience here.''

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Matcha Buttermilk Waffles. It came, and OMG after 1 bite, I asked myself if i think that it is spoilt. There is no way Matcha Waffles taste like spoilt & sour milk? But the matcha taste is good enough, I like. But its way too sour I thought I will give up eating. Anyway, we did approach the staff and told her, she assure & kept assuring us that its ok, its normal because it contains YOGURT.

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Red Velvet on the other hand taste normal, not sour. :) However still a little lacking in taste.

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My wasted waffle.