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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Busy Saturday!

(scheduled post)

Woke up with a swollen left eye.
Headed over to Changi City Point to meet the jie meis to discuss Fang's big day!

Starbucks with the gals.
Toffee Nut Latte for me! A free cupcake for every Xmas drink, but they got to put the cupcake in their paper bag and it looks disgusting after that.

Melo's YanYan that I got for her.

Hello Fatty!

Spot Melo & her mum!

Proud of her balloon.

Melo shouted ''Justin Bieber!!!" ...
but yet so shy to take a pic with the poster.Cute max.
Went to one of the nursing room to change Melo's diapers & we all got locked up inside, and even the emergency button is not working!

Cabbed to bf's place after that.

The ear plug he bought for me, arrived!

Ate the cupcakes that we bought the day before.

At Waraku Katong, with bf & Jasper.

Me & my huge bowl of udon!

Drove over to Awfully Chocolate to get a slice of Butterscotch cake to surprise Eme.
The Xmas cuppies are so pretty!
Headed to Pasir ris sports complex. Bf & Jasper went to take the cake from the car and....... they went for a long time, until ZS came to tell us that they were locked up in a room. LOL why this fate! 
This is the room... and 4 police officers were called but nothing was done, becoz they can't do anything :D 
So, here in Singapore, we should really settle things with our own hands, in many occassions, they can't seem to help us.
Finally..... after 1 hour plus, Eme received her cake! :D


Thursday, December 22, 2011

United Square!

(scheduled post)

Hello, its Friday! Cheer up!
For breakfast!
Woohoo the drinks available for the new vending machine in the office!
Popped by Fancl during lunch to get a collagen drink.
Xmas hat!
Bf gave me a surprise by coming to the office & wait for me, and bringing me to Twelve Cupcakes :D

A Jar of Everything for himself.
Bought Twelve Cupcakes (Pictures in the next post) and went for dinner at Ju Bao HongKong Cuisine. A totally wrong and bad choice!
The Cantonese-speaking auntie standing outside the restaurant, introducing the food and the restaurant, told us to give it a try. Showed us the menu as well as dinner set menu, telling us how good is their roasted pork. So, what attracted us was the dinner set for 2, which consist of Wanton Chicken Soup, Roasted Pork, Prawn with Dong Fen,Sea Cucumber with Vege & dessert for $38 (If I remember correctly). The roasted pork is what we wanted to try because the auntie really strongly recommended it. The dinner set is cheap, so we don't expect really delicious food. 
The friendly HongKong lady boss came over and took our orders, we ordered the dinner set for 2, as well as an additional BeiJing Duck.

The restaurant setting looked so much like those cafe/restaurants/eateries we saw in HK dramas.
Waiting time was really long, snapped snapped lots of pictures.
Peanuts! Why so dry? Ate about 3, and gave up.
Nice lime juice!
Finally our BeiJing Duck came! This really young waiter (student working part time during the holidays) push the food trolley in front of us, and start slicing the duck skin off the duck, the knife missed the duck a few times and end up a lot of loud ''thuds'' on the plate. We rather they cut it in the kitchen, why show us?
Waited for quite some time before they bring the ''pancake'' to us.
Cucumbers.. I thought its supposed to be spring onions? But its alright, I don't take spring onions.

The sauce... Supposed to be Hoisin sauce or some sweet bean sauce, but it taste like Yong Tau Foo's sweet sauce added into chilli sauce. 
The rest of the duck meat.
Wanton Chicken Soup

Not fresh prawns with Dong Fen.
Sea Cucumber with Vege

Then they served us a chicken which we did not order, and they told us that it is included in the menu. We... have to tell 4 different waiters/waitresses that we ordered the dinner set, it is supposed to be roasted pork & not chicken. They seemed to have problem understanding us. The waiters went to & fro from our table to that ''friendly'' hongkong lady boss and I can tell that she is pissed and threw her temper. 

I explained to the extend that, I told the waitress ''forget it, bring me the dinner set menu, I will show you''. So end up they still did not bring the menu and they informed us that they will get the kitchen to prepare the roasted pork for us. 
So, we waited... and waited .. and waited till we finished the rest of the food and the roasted pork is not here. 
Then I saw that they brought out a plate of roasted pork but serving to 4 different wrong tables then brought it back to the kitchen again. 
I purposely called out to a local waitress, told her the whole ''story'' again. Then she spologized and served us the roasted pork.
So the very much awaited-for roasted pork is here but its darn dissapointing.
Just by 1 look, I don't feel like touching it at all. It look & taste disgusting.

We called for the bill, the waitress came to us and said ''We are so sorry that the kitchen is very busy to prepare desserts, so we replaced the desserts with fruits''.  
Well..    :D
Our first & last time here. <3

Ju Bao Hong Kong Cuisine
101 Thomson Road 
#B1-15/16 United Square
Singapore 307591

Swollen eye :(
Reached home, and prepare to do my nails!
Zoya nail polish remover is mad love.