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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Asian Kitchen: Chopsticks

Mummy treat us to a meal!

 photo file_zpsd8c2d55d.jpg

 photo file_zpsce29e60d.jpg

 photo file_zpsab53b939.jpg

 photo file_zps62a83adf.jpg

 photo file_zps9fa562aa.jpg

 photo file_zpsd439c65f.jpg

So I treat us to Yakun!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Drips Bakery!

A cafe with all the tarts!

 photo file_zps2d8fb028.jpg

We tried Chocolate Tart S$6.80 & Cinnamon Egg Tart S$4.80. Latte S4.80

 photo file_zpse8da9db8.jpg

 photo file_zps803a53e4.jpg

 photo file_zps4f50a14e.jpg

 photo file_zps54ea3286.jpg

 photo file_zps72221c6b.jpg

K made me a Tart Art!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Toby's Estate

Another cafe added into my ''Done & Contented'' List!

 photo file_zps6e192e1a.jpg

 photo file_zpsb373e22f.jpg

 photo file_zps68e7edb9.jpg

On a weekday afternoon, this is sure crowded! We were served a nice bottle of ice water. Bottle is nice. Ice water is ice water.

 photo file_zpsbbdd0812.jpg

Flat white S$5, Chai Latte $6.

 photo file_zps2d5ed68d.jpg

I think (to me), this is the best or one of the best All Day Breakfast in Singapore! Look at the egg!

 photo file_zps1fa7cb73.jpg

 photo file_zps7ac13853.jpg

 photo file_zpsf43b98bb.jpg

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Providore, Bakerzin & Awesome new friends!

Met up with a bunch of fun-loving instagrammers for a meal at The Providore!

 photo file_zpsc3819d08.jpg

We've got presents omg! From 2 sweet ladies whom now became close friends with me, we chat almost daily on whatsapp!

 photo file_zpse794a6e3.jpg

 photo file_zps615de099.jpg

Disappointing art pieces and bad lighting.

 photo file_zpseb9d342a.jpg

Eileen got us stickers - match our animal characters except mine because mouse is so hard to find :P

For the food: I dislike them all. Too saltish and not much taste. Well, I enjoyed the company though.

 photo file_zps11729ce4.jpg

 photo file_zps0fe95744.jpg

 photo file_zps343f3410.jpg

 photo file_zpsd4dc3d1a.jpg

 photo file_zps63050858.jpg

Another view of the food.


Desserts! As promised, Alain bought us cakes!

 photo file_zpsb766bed7.jpg

 photo file_zpsddefb783.jpg

 photo file_zps6a3e8aec.jpg

 photo file_zps984d1a51.jpg

 photo file_zps19fa9699.jpg

 photo file_zps8ff0fab5.jpg

The 2 sweet ladies who gave us the treats!

 photo file_zps294daa26.jpg

Chocolate oats muffin with banana! Steamed one some more! Yums~ from Bee.

 photo file_zps4c0eb9e6.jpg

Cute Stickers and Hokkaido sweets from Eileen!

Thank you, love all the treats!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cups & Canvas!

Ok, the previous post I mentioned I am going for Thai Food, it actually failed because it was raining heavily.

Wells, nonetheless I enjoyed myself very much with Plan B and my awesome friends.

Anyway, introducing another cafe. What attracted me there is the SWEET POTATO LATTE!

 photo file_zpse238caa6.jpg

 photo file_zpsef50c4a8.jpg

Love the art pieces there.Look at the ramen picture. The eggs looks drool-worthy.

 photo file_zps87d15478.jpg

Earl Grey Cheesecake S$7

 photo file_zps9fa63737.jpg

Sweet Potato Latte S$4.80

 photo file_zpsb7cd41d7.jpg

 photo file_zps96b4cc62.jpg

Little chunks of sweet potatoes at the bottom.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gold Food Thai!


 photo file_zpsab473c5a.jpg

Pink Champagne Magnum

 photo file_zps824fb5ea.jpg

Pink Hello Kitty Tissue Box

And by the time this scheduled post is posted, I will be having dinner at this same cafe!

 photo file_zps22e3fbe0.jpg

 photo file_zpsa5b4a339.jpg

 photo file_zpsffd09e45.jpg

 photo file_zpse5bff703.jpg

So yums but a little too sweet.

 photo file_zpsf8583574.jpg

Tasteless Chendol o.o

 photo file_zps384438c9.jpg

 photo file_zpsf9649486.jpg

Hand in hand, walking side by side. Now & forever.