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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!


Waited so long for Christmas to come, and when it is here... it seems boring! WHY!! 

Miss Marc today! Top & clutch!
Changi city point with the boy today.

Back to the bf's house after that...
You see how he pile the pink beddings outside his wooden house! CUTE!!
Hello cutie boy!!
Shocked look!

Boy, I miss you so much! :( 
I hope you are doing well. 

Christmas Eve!


Heading out to work! On Christmas Eve :(

Christmas breakfast from the supervisor.
I have no more space to do my work!
Some shopping after work! $300+ spent at La Senza! And Royce chocolates for bf's relatives as we are having a Christmas eve dinner together!
Last year's Darjeeling Nama Chocolate is nice!! Nicer than Matcha!
Primer from Sephora! Headed back home to prepare to head over to bf's uncle's place!
This little cutie is very busy when bf is preparing to go out!
In my new top and the new xmas hat clip!
At the uncle's place... I think its my 3rd year there for Xmas eve dinner! :)

Nice thick porridge!
Pandan kaya cakes
Durian cakes..
and mango cakes!
Shishamo! I think its my first time trying! Quite nice and no 鱼腥味!
Joanne bought some lychee beer. My favourite lychee beer!! Bf doesn't like it. But its yummy!
Royce caramel potato chips!
Log cake, fruit cake..
I got presents from 大姨 & 小婶!
Fooling around while watching tv and waiting for the clock to strike 12am, then go home! LOL! 
Bf walked me home & at my void deck.. I told him every year its going to his uncle's place then i went home while he go out and slack... I told him ''next year will be different''... I never thought that this is really the last time... .... .... 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Days without BF...

20TH - 23RD DECEMBER 2011
The last few days...
At Facial's
Very Christmasy mood in the office with all the Christmas goodies piled up on my desk! One by one :D
My beloved facial therapist, Tina got me a BD cake! So sweet! Where got facial therapist so sweet one right!

Happily eating while she attend to another customer.

Boss KPL bought us cupcakes from Prima Deli for Christmas!

I chose the one with snow flake. 
Its  not cupcake, its sponge cake with cream cheese topping!

Vivo with XiaoHannie. 
We used to meet up at Vivo because of Pet Lovers Centre, because we were so enthusiastic about our Hamster stuff. LOL!
She is amazed with this phone. I am not into big phones -_- 
Our drawing!
Saved into the phone LOL!
Got a seat at Outram! 

Presents!! Received 2 touching letters as well!

The few of us shared and ordered home-made brownies for the rest of the colleagues for Xmas.

Piling up!

Dong Zi!

Me bringing a big bag of Xmas presents to work!

All the different drinks i had in ONE DAY!

I got to salute my colleague! He went all the way to NEX, bought 30 cups of Bubbletea and brought them back all by himself! *applause*
Loving my new Xmas slippers!

Why you so cheeky!
Presents again! :D
Gown fitting for my BFF's wedding! 
I do not really like this gown but I have not much choices to choose from. :(