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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love me

27th Sep 2010 Monday 
Reached office too early, like 7.10am! @_@
Squat outside office, camwhoring, waiting for time to pass! 

I want to go overseas!
I need to chase moolahs!
Let money fall from the sky!
Give me a higher paying job / look for a part time job!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weenends is here again!

 25th Sep 2010 Saturday
 Baby brought me to East Coast Food Lagoon for dinner! Its been quite sometime since we went there. The last time was farewell dinner for Colin. Time flies. It wasn't crowded at all for a Saturday evening. 
I LOVE dinner dates like this <3

26th Sep 2010 Sunday
 Was feeling tired, since Saturday night. Therefore we cancelled our plans for movie :(
 Craving for buttery/cvreamy cakes - from traditional cake shop.
 After breakfast, went to the market with baby boy. He will be cooking dinner!
 Bought Sea Bass and oher stuff to make Fish & Chips! <3
Falling in love again

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Team Gathering at Swensens

24th Sep 2010 Friday
Team gathering after work @ Ion's Swensens. 
About 40 of us in total - Combination of Zaleha & Doris' teams. 
Newbies > Old Birds
 WenZhi tagged along to accompany me. 
(Pardon the fatty me. I got a shock when i see my pictures in the camera. Way too fat!)
 My Sambal Fish.
The rest of the food below.
 Earthquakes for the 12 of us.
Although ts rather messy because there are so many of us, the team gathering is way more fun than what i have expected :D


My silly boy posted the below entry again <3
she forgot to log out again! =p

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I miss the days when you weren't cool unless you had a tamagotchi

Friday, September 24, 2010


23rd Sep 2010 Thursday
On PM leav again today. Meet baby for Mcds lunch then went to pet shop! I want to buy a hamster and keep it close by my side, and i am serious! Bringing it with me to and from work! Excited and couldn't wait to get one! But what we saw at the pet shop, disgust me. Hamster eating, pulling the flesh of the dead hamster. It sucks and I almost cried.:X
I love Mr Teh Tarik's Teh Tarik! Luckily there is one near baby's place <3
Woke up form a nap and baby brought me to Fei fei Wanton noodles at Joo Chiat Place. Nothing much to rave about seriously.
Baby's leave is over and so is our 'honeymoon', he will be back to work tomorrow and I will be on full day work too. Team dinner after work, working on Saturday. I really don't like weekends (maybe because for YEARS i have to work on saturdays). 
Alright, XOXO and have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lanterns, Candles

22nd Sep 2010 Wednesday

Planned to play lanterns and candles as its mid-autumn festival.
But bought lanterns & candles at the very last min! Managed to get lanterns but really had difficulties buying candles. Its sold out everywhere! But managed to get them at a shop selling incense items. :D
My lanterns are so pretty and cute! Pokemon, Hello Kitty prints.Paper lanterns really catches fire too easily!
Meet up with baby's friends: Zesheng, Gabriel & Vincent.
Pretty lanterns - 12 of them! We bought 15 boxes of candles!
At least this is not a disappointment :)

Lavendar Food Square

Was locked out on tuesday morning when i reached office at 7.10am. Camwhored to keep myself busy as i can only enter office at 7.30am. I've aged... D:
22nd Sep 2010 Wednesday
Was on PM leave again today. Baby picked me up after work and he brought me to Lavender Food Square for lunch! You cannot believe it that I've been wanting to go there since 10 years ago! 10 YEARS! Like finally, there is somebody to accompany/bring me there!
Wanted to eat the highly-raved-about-but-most-think-its-nothing-special wanton noodles but its closed! AWWW! 
Ate prawn noodles instead. Quite yummy although both of us prefer the Macpherson's one.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

22nd Sep 2010 Wednesday
In the mood for playing candles and lanterns!
We really have got difficulty buy candles! We bought lanterns but candles are all sold out! 
(Pictures of lanterns to be uploaded soon)

Baby & I went to the Taka Mooncake Fair yesterday.
I've got 3 brands of mooncakes in mind - Goodwood Park Hotel, Peony Jade and Home's Favourite. 
Peony Jade and Home's Favourite's Mao Shan Wang are sold out!
So we settled for Goodwood Park's assorted mooncakes...
Clockwise from top left: Mango Pomelo, Durian, Caramelised Apple and Chempedak.
Durian & Mango Pomelo is nice!

Then we are searching around for other durian mooncakes choices... Pioneer Seafood's Mao Shan Wang.
I didn't know the existence of this restaurant but the durian mooncake is not that bad. So we bought a box of mini Mao Shan Wang.
This year, I am really in the mood for lanterns, candles, mooncakes! 
I have not eat any traditional mooncakes though.


Katong Laksa

21st Sep 2010 Tuesday
Woke up from a nap and baby brought me out for Katong Laksa! 

A day at Orchard

 21st Sep 2010 Tuesday
Was on PM leave today and baby came to fetch me after work before we head to Ion for lunch & some shopping. Lunch @ Ion's Food Opera - Curry Rice. Very expensive (2 vege + 1 meat = $5.80).
There is this newly opened drink stall at Basement 4 - Happy Lemon. 
I had Yakult Green Tea - tastd kinda weird (not the picture below). Price range is $3-$4 a cup on average.
Did not get to eat Bonchon chicken :( 
Mooncake shopping at Taka after that :D

Lunch with Li Keng

20th Sep 2010 Monday
Its LiKeng's birthday! Happy belated birthday gal. 
She just came back from genting the day before, and she is on leave. So she came to town and meet us (KimKee & Wendy) for lunch!

Went to Hot Tomato at 313 Somerset again. They have this lunch value upgrade (top up $1.90 - entitled to soup of the day + garlic bread and ice cream).
My 2nd time here and i think the food overall is quite alright - for $9.90 you can have chicken chop or fish & chips. 
I had this pork chop + pork sausage (served with Aglio Olio and salad) for $11+, while the 3 of them had Mixed Grill (same as mine but additional chicken terriyaki) $12.90.
LiKeng got us gift from Genting. Just nice i was looking for a handphone accessory!
Whenever its Christmas or my birthday, everybody will be telling me ''when i see this Hello Kitty XXX, i thought of getting it for you''. LOL!

After work, headed to baby's place for dinner!
Salmon, chicken in chicken essence, herbal soup, vegetables <3