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Monday, October 6, 2014

Elements by Home-Fix @ Marina Square

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-248/249 Marina Square Singapore 039594 
Tel: +65 68832038
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

ESTABLISHED HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE HOME-FIX UNVEILS ELEMENTS BY HOME-FIX: Trailblazing concept shop promises to be a one-stop provider of the A to Z to transform a house into a home.

First of all, congratulations to our leading local home improvement and lifestyle store Home-Fix!  Home-Fix introduces Elements by Home-Fix at Marina Square; a trendsetting holistic concept that offers more than fundamental hardware, but also the ‘software’ that transforms a house into a home. 

Elements by Home-Fix was launched in conjunction with Home-Fix’s 21st birthday this year, this new venture marks the coming of age of this stalwart Singapore brand with humble beginnings as a family-owned hardware shop at Siglap Centre. As the name suggests, Elements by Home-Fix sets its sight on providing all essential components and services for each and every part of the house, be it the living room, bathroom, shower, bedroom and even garden. Conceptualised to meet changing consumer needs and preferences, the 8,705 square feet space also presents a truly refreshing and inviting setting which aims to deliver an inspirational and all-rounded shopping experience. Home-Fix has grown into a chain of 22 stores with an additional 9 in Malaysia and 1 in Indonesia. 

All the scaffolds you see in the pictures below were all made by the staff of Home-Fix. Almost everything except the wirings (where a electrician is needed). I was amazed. All their handwork put into Elements by Home-Fix, whats a DIY shop when the staff don't DIY right? They are not call Home-Fix/DIY shop for nothing.

At Elements by Home-Fix, customers can expect: 

1) PERSONALISED SERVICES from the initial requirements wet works and plumbing services, to designing and planning spaces to adding the final flourish in the process of creating a home. Advisers are at hand to offer all types of recommendations, be it the best people to seek out for certain tasks or even providing direct assistance through Home-Fix’s highly-skilled in-house team. Supported by the company’s extensive network of reliable partners and vendors, the advisors possess the resources to propose the most appropriate solution to any need. 

2) Its a COZY HOME! Thoughtfully and meticulously-designed, Elements by Home-Fix’s interior and layout are conceived specifically to encourage an atmospheric shopping experience within a highly-interactive environment and offers a more intuitive and convenient shopping process. Amid warm and cosy interiors decked out in mainly wood fittings, customers can browse through different parts of the store where products are grouped either according to showcase brands or department, and be inspired by the extensive selection of quality hardware, lifestyle accessories, kitchenware and other home essentials carefully-sourced by Elements by Home-Fix’s experienced buyers. Each area is helmed by a product advisor who possess expert knowledge of the merchandise displayed and can make recommendations on customers’ requirements and problems. A substantial area of Elements by Home-Fix is dedicated to Do-It-For-YouTM(D.I.F.Y), where specialised product experts offer advice and solutions for home improvements needs ranging from lighting to electrical and household security. D.I.F.Y also offers supply, installation, repair and even painting services. 

3) THE BEST & THE NEW. Elements at Home-Fix also aims to showcase the best and freshest line-up of products selected from the myriad in the market all under one roof. Besides established world-renowned names such as Hurom, SimpleHuman, Yale and Eko, Elements at Home-Fix is also pleased to introduce new brands, some of which are exclusive to Home-Fix. 

 photo file_zps2c64fc6e.jpg

I was thrilled when I got invited to Elements by Home-Fix. To be frank, its been years since I last stepped into Home-Fix, and the last time i did was when I need to get batteries urgently. 

So, why was I thrilled then? First of all, its because I past by Elements by Home-Fix a week ago and it seems to be so inviting, it has transformed into a new age DIY lifestyle store but I didn't have the time to go in. Secondly, my house will be ready in about a year's time to be exact, its time to visit DIY shops to get some good ideas and also KIV some useful stuffs in my list. 

Taking you on a tour around the shop, of course I did not manage to take each & every single item in the shop. I hope you will be as impressed as I am. 

 photo file_zps08c2fefb.jpg

Even the Cashier Counter is so inviting :D

 photo file_zpsf108bdb9.jpg

 photo file_zps080d5335.jpg

 photo file_zps53d484af.jpg

I don't remember Home-Fix sells much electrical appliances, but now they do! A promoter was air-frying fries when I past by.

 photo file_zpsa34f57d8.jpg

The friendly promoter then explained on the products and get me to try the food cooked by the air fryer.

 photo file_zps89f92304.jpg

And when I past by the 2nd time, the promoter is baking cupcakes which smells heavenly!! 

 photo file_zpsaa2a8834.jpg

 photo file_zpsbfd0dda9.jpg

What I really love is that they have promoters for some of their products, we as consumers would appreciate that we get to see the demonstration of the product before we decide to buy.

 photo file_zps89c7bbbd.jpg

Making me a cup of apple juice, it taste different form other juicers I swear,

 photo file_zpsa2153a9d.jpg

Hurom juicers preserve the natural taste and nutrition of fruits and vegetables by gently squeezing and pressing them through its technology instead of grinding them like other juicers. No wonder my green apple juice tasted concentrated.

 photo file_zpsb671f34b.jpg

 photo file_zps911c952f.jpg

 photo file_zps5197679a.jpg

 photo file_zps5b09b435.jpg

New & Exclusive! Ecoya was founded in 2006 in Botany Bay, Australia.

Ecoya is an eco-luxe home fragrance and bodycare company most famous for their iconic natural soy wax candles. Ecoya’s range of candles are crafted from soy wax derived from soybeans sourced from sustainable plantations. Unlike paraffin-based candles, they do not produce emissions and soot when burnt, burn at a lower temperature, and last approximately 30% longer.  In line with Ecoya’s focus on all things natural, the wicks are also made from pure lead free cotton and the fragrances comprise a combination of high-grade synthetic fragrance and natural fragrance essential oils. All fragrances are conjured by Ecoya’s in-house perfumer. 

Really want to get some for my new place, they smell great!

 photo file_zps854eb04c.jpg

 photo file_zpsa3c1d947.jpg

Love this section, would love to walk barefoot into the ''garden''.

 photo file_zpsee636015.jpg

A revolutionary smokeless charcoal grill backed by German design and engineering, the patented LotusGrill® from Australia offers smokeless cooking, ignition ease, a heat control dial, fuel efficiency and other multiple safety features. This portable small format barbecue grill is ready to go in just three minutes. 

I need to get a new house with a big garden!

 photo file_zps0e09ce2b.jpg

 photo file_zpsdf273cfc.jpg

 photo file_zps4104a2c4.jpg

 photo file_zps7d493f94.jpg

Some guys might go crazy here like how I go crazy over huge departmental store or Tokyu Hands Tokyo.

 photo file_zps7b2e4676.jpg

Uses far infrared ray technology and is capable of balancing your hormones and immune system simply by improving the quality of the blood stream.

 photo file_zpsaec2d395.jpg

Getting my finger pricked and seeing my blood's condition - lots of fungus in my blood. And not to worry, no treatment is needed. Just need to purchase their pillows. Just sleep. No effort is needed!

 photo file_zpsd43573a7.jpg

 photo file_zps94729890.jpg

Yea, even safe box are sold here!

One of the oldest brands in the world, Yale is best-known and most respected as a lock specialist with millions of Yale locks in use at home or work worldwide. Besides its range of conventional locks, the brand also carries a chic range of digital door locks that offer customers more options yet provide the same safety and security associated with Yale all these years. 

 photo file_zps9c193e06.jpg

If you are like me, maybe you don't know Nippon Paint's paints are no long plain jane anymore!

Paint was once only about colours, and choosing between matte & glossy. Those days were gone. Momento by Nippon Paint has special effects paints! 

I was thinking of wallpapers for my house but not anymore! Paints are more lasting and I am glad that they have evolved into special effects paints :O

 photo file_zpse89c9246.jpg

 photo file_zps1946c97e.jpg

 photo file_zpsde97f1bf.jpg

 photo file_zpsd9fc2219.jpg

Saw this on TV advertisement and finally had the chance to explore further. Its a pretty cool technology!

 photo file_zps2db2f321.jpg

 photo file_zpsd330de73.jpg

 photo file_zps27effdb2.jpg

 photo file_zps2d6f8907.jpg

 photo file_zpsc4bb5ab2.jpg

Anti slip mats.

 photo file_zpsc4edc013.jpg

 photo file_zps052cf2fb.jpg

So neat and organised!

 photo file_zps54457578.jpg

 photo file_zps0de14af1.jpg

 photo file_zps60f30f08.jpg

 photo file_zpsc2358bb2.jpg

Established in 2004, the Tuscani brand name is recognised for its stylish design and high quality products. Every single piece of product is the result of dedicated design, quality and innovation. Tuscani’s range of tapeware are manufactured under stringent manufacturing requirements and are subject to intensive quality control to ensure optimum performance. The brand has also been endorsed by leading architects and many satisfied customers around the world. Elements at Home-Fix carry’s the largest selection of Tuscani’s products, including Taps, Bath & Kitchen Mixers, Shower Sets, Hand Showers, Shower Bars and Shower Heads.

 photo file_zps8862209f.jpg

I immediately send the pictures to K and told him which are the ones I love/prefer!

 photo file_zpscd8fa475.jpg

 photo file_zps1fe8950f.jpg

Even sinks! You have to agree with me that it is a shop within a home. Not wanting to leave the shop.

 photo file_zps77688c4f.jpg

Every tap has a water droplet sticker that shows water efficiency. Its all about saving water.

 photo file_zps03db59d6.jpg

 photo file_zpsc00921ed.jpg

 photo file_zps2c1a2ea7.jpg

Instant heaters. I was quite interested in getting 1 of these for now. Because my current heater's water flow is terrible. I cannot bath in peace without cursing and swearing. I guess I have to head back to Elements soon!

 photo file_zps4f541430.jpg

 photo file_zps0fcf112e.jpg

Black shower heads look luxurious!

 photo file_zpsd79009ba.jpg

 photo file_zps6881414a.jpg
MAXPLUS (orange bin on the left) S$199

Its a indoor clothes dryer:
- energy-efficient and power PTC heater
- adjustable digital timer
- attractive yellow jacket
- silent operation
- a sheer, clear drop for crease-free drying
- anti-bacterial and odour-eliminating propeties
- 360-degree rotational hanger for easy hanging and removal

HILLS (no picture)

New and exclusive! One of Australia’s most trusted brand known for its design and innovation of well-engineered home products, Hills makes its debut at Elements by Home-Fix and is pleased to showcase its range of innovative award- winning clothesline. Winner of the 2014 Good Design Australia award in the Hardware & Building category, Slim is the world’s thinnest retracting clothesline with a depth of only 70mm and an aesthetically-sleek look. Other similarly space-saving options such as fold-away, portable and retracting models are also available. 

Can be mounted in HDB flat and it saves space. 

 photo file_zps0f3af8c8.jpg

 photo file_zps06d48fa3.jpg

Hailing from USA, simplehuman designs and produces everyday tools that are more efficient, functional and built to last. By focusing on solving simple, often overlooked problems, the brand enables people to be more efficient in their daily tasks at home. For example, the company experimented and tested many pedal angles and heights for their popular step cans before deciding on the one that achieves the right balance and feel. All products are rigorously tested to ensure that they can provide years of steady use. 

My uncle has 1 in his place and it is dry useful especially when you have both your hands occupied or dirty, jus need to stand in front of the bin and throw your rubbish away!

 photo file_zpsaef1cb9a.jpg

Nowadays technology has made our household chores so much easier! Just yesterday I was mopping the floor, I was thinking of this mop. No need to squeeze and push the mop dry, and my floor is so wet that I almost slip. With Easymop, you can ensure your floor is not overly wet and saves effort.

 photo file_zpse6a9d977.jpg

New and exclusive! A manufacturer of household products such as cookware since 1975, Roichen, which means ‘king’s kitchen’ is a south-Korean brand synonymous with its range of Natural Premium cookware in bright hues. Possessing a special ceramic coating using technology by Roichen, these heavy-duty pots in various sizes can be used for all stovetops, are able to withstand high temperatures well, offer even heating and are a breeze to wash up. Besides this, a unique rotary knob on the lid prevents overflowing of the pot’s contents while cooking.

 photo file_zps34875f9e.jpg

New and exclusive!) Founded in 1998, this Swiss company aims to develop attractive and appealing household products that improve indoor air quality such as air purifiers, humidifiers, and aroma diffusers. Stadler Form’s goal is to turn these ‘ugly ducklings’ of the family into beautiful yet functional appliances and this is evident from the numerous accolades garnered; iF Product Design award and reddot design award. 

 photo file_zps81a68b99.jpg

I like this. Simple & sleek, suits any house, I feel.

 photo file_zps96c48ef1.jpg

Neat and categorised shelves makes finding your stuff much easier.

 photo file_zps6926f033.jpg

 photo file_zps7c21d2fd.jpg

My mum will be delighted these can be found in Elements by Home-Fix. She has 2 at home currently.

 photo file_zps779d8fe1.jpg

My BFF has these chopping boards at home! 

 photo file_zps92d1e5cb.jpg

 photo file_zps2cdb1bb9.jpg

 photo file_zps318a159c.jpg

 photo file_zps05e660ac.jpg

 photo file_zps4c235178.jpg

Magazines with lots of useful tips which we grabbed 2 different copies home!

 photo file_zps41f10115.jpg

 photo file_zps57ceccd2.jpg

Exclusive! "Leaders in air flow technology", Vornado is an established innovator and manufacturer of room circulators and air purifiers from USA. The Vornado story begins with an inventor's vision to improve aircraft design in the early 1920's. Ralph K. Odor began to experiment with unique aerodynamics that increased the efficiency and performance of standard propeller planes and realised that his findings could change the inefficient electric fan designs that dominated the industry at the time. Vornado's unparalleled performance can be traced to its signature vortex action; the result of four proprietary components found only within Vornado technology. Initially applied to air circulators and heaters, Vortex Action Page 6 of 7 allowed for Vornado products to affect not just the air around the unit like traditional fans and heaters, but to evenly distribute all of the air throughout an entire room. The effectiveness of these first products propelled the new Vornado back into the position as a leader in air comfort products. The same revolutionary thinking that created a superior fan has been poured into every aspect of Vornado's offerings today. Safer. Quieter. More intuitive. More effective. 

 photo file_zps3a2bda56.jpg

 photo file_zps1ffd7572.jpg

A whole range of cleaning products! From clothes to toilet.

 photo file_zpsa8309610.jpg

 photo file_zps4a431edb.jpg

 photo file_zpsd822354b.jpg

 photo file_zps953d9d19.jpg

 photo file_zpsca58d29c.jpg

 photo file_zps6c4e913c.jpg

Grabbed home a bag of useful stuffs from Elecments by Home-Fix!

 photo file_zpsf323c8f3.jpg

I believe this was made by the staff? I am not sure but it is very useful!

Check out in stores for there opening special promotions, some are ending today!!

It was an amazing experience, thank you Elements by Home-Fix and Naweera for bringing me around the cozy store, we had a good chat definitely. 

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