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Sunday, October 19, 2014

MEDZS Bistro & Bar @ Raffles Place

MEDZ Bistro & Bar 
Address: 24 Raffles Place, #01-01 Clifford Centre Singapore 048621
Tel: + 65 65361917 
Opening Hours: 8am to 10pm Monday to Thursday
                               8am to 11pm Friday
                               8am to 6pm Saturday
                               Close on Sundays

About 3 weeks ago, I brought darling here for their Kirin Frozen Beer. I had always wanted to come here for their Kirin Frozen Beer, I think this is by far the cheapest Kirin Frozen Beer in Singapore! I am back here this time round with K and my food khakis for more food & booze. 

 photo file_zps7cce7da7.jpg

At 6.40pm, MEDZS is bustling with life!

 photo file_zps44215b72.jpg

After 9pm, it all quietened down. Peaceful chill out night!

 photo file_zps08f4d007.jpg

I guess by now, you all know MEDZS as the place that sells rainbow cakes, maybe this explains the rainbow steps! 

 photo file_zps717424c9.jpg

 photo file_zpsdb51f504.jpg

 photo file_zps419e3e53.jpg

MEDZS' third outlet - MEDZS Bistro & Bar, is located at Clifford Centre. This is a unique Bistro-by-Day, Doorstep-Bar-by-Night concept. With an all-day dining menu, patrons can enjoy an array of breakfast, brunch and dinner items at great values. In the establishment’s arsenal of beers include Kirin Frozen Fruit Beer and Erdinger —all going at the best prices too!

You didn't read wrongly at the start of the post, they open at 8am, serving breakfast like muffins, toasts, sandwiches, pancakes & omelette.

 photo file_zpsf245d425.jpg

 photo file_zps20b1595f.jpg

 photo file_zps3106c7d3.jpg

Every table will be given a order chit (double page).
Indicate what you want.
Proceed to the cashier counter to place your order and make payment. 
Wait for your food to arrive!

 photo file_zpsff92a7e7.jpg

 photo file_zps84185226.jpg

I think I saw Twinings Tea somewhere, I think the tea brewed from Twinings, with added flavours, melon pieces and ice, it was served to us. 

Each glass was inconsistent (as you can see from the picture with a few glasses of melon dew tea) with the melon bits and coldness of the tea, 1 glass was warm, not even iced. However, it is still a refreshening drink.

 photo file_zps9dd9dc54.jpg
FROZEN KIRINS S$6.90 (Half Pints) - comes in Mango, Lychee, Peach, Peppermint, Lychee flavours.

They come in full pint too at S$11.90. I had full pint elsewhere for near to S$20! 
Would love to see more flavours here! My personal favourite is Lychee. 

Mango & Strawberry Frozen Kirin tasted like its had a thick layer of syrup.

 photo file_zpsab1cb6ce.jpg

 photo file_zpsd978ddaf.jpg

Here is a toast to you from my food khakis Jacq & Nikki, Brother Wilson, K and myself! CHEERS!! Food indeed taste better when you dine with awesome people! 

 photo file_zpsaa41a0d3.jpg

Decorated by K, with some chocolate bits from our desserts.

 photo file_zps28d4cff4.jpg

The brother then ordered a cup of Cappucino that caused both tables a commotion. Nobody will expect cute coffee arts in their cup of coffee. For the price, it is good, the cute art is a bonus. 

Flavoured & normal lattes cost the same too! 

 photo file_zpsde971ea0.jpg

Musclun salad served with applewood smoked duck breast, raspberry, candid almond & saffron vinaigrette. As MEDZS Bistro & Bar is located at Clifford Centre, this salad is perfect for ladies who want to eat light during lunch.

 photo file_zpsb17ae3cf.jpg

When we were served these 3 sets of burgers, we go 'woooowwwww'', its huge, I don't think i can finish 1 set by myself. 

 photo file_zps45f50422.jpg

 photo file_zps92973f94.jpg

Grilled gourmet beef patty with provencal herbs on mesclun greens topped with pan seared foie gras, pesto aioli and spicy salsa. 

The above 2 pictures are the best I could capture for the burger close up. 

I am not a foie gras person as i don't find it nice. It is expensive and it stinks. After eating this foie gras, I think is it very good, it doesn't taste as bad as those I had tried before. S$19.90 for a huge burger, with thick beef patty and foie gras, who is complaining?

 photo file_zps16076084.jpg

Oven-roasted pork ribs served with sautéed vegetables & truffle balsamic sauce. I love the sauce that was drizzled over the ribs. The meat on the ribs is tender, doesn't come off with much effort.

 photo file_zps92af96e1.jpg

 photo file_zpse8840035.jpg

 photo file_zpse2f590f8.jpg

Herbs crusted home-made semi-cured salmon served with french potatoes, micro herbs salad & lime vinaigrette. 

Semi-Cured means to preserve the fish by smoking or salting it. Everyone commented that the salmon is way too salty, I find it to be alright. Maybe I didn't eat the correct part of the salmon. Apart from the saltish-ness, it is a very thick slab of salmon which was so evenly cooked. If I were to cook this piece of salmon, i think it will look burnt on the outside, uncooked on the inside. 

 photo file_zps58edc410.jpg

 photo file_zps02a95cba.jpg

We were served desserts!! Needless to say, we have the MUST-TRY and most POPULAR Rainbow Cake, that most of the people claims that it is the best rainbow cakes around. I do agree. 

 photo file_zps4600c476.png

I went to serve my old MEDZS Rainbow Cake post which was dated 2 years ago. They actually make it prettier now and its cheaper! WOW!!!! I never thought that things can get cheaper and prettier and taste nicer! 

I don't remember the one we tried 2 years back was yummy enough for us to go back a second time. Thumbs up for the improvement!

 photo file_zps17f775f9.jpg

 photo file_zps40ed6ca6.jpg

 photo file_zpsd29f4935.jpg

First of all, its not only photogenic, but very photogenic. 
Secondly, it is not dry. Most rainbow cakes I had was dry & tough. This is soft and even its chilled, it doesn't turn dry & tough. Nikki says it taste lil ice cream. Almost. Poor friends, even after forking the cake, I still have to take a picture before we can all start eating!

 photo file_zpsf3f0f9ca.jpg

Definitely one of the better carrot cakes out here! Nikki says its as good as the famous C bakery! I have not tried that so no comments from me, except that its soft and moist, not overly creamy. 

 photo file_zps2caf28b4.jpg


MEDZS will also roll out promotions such as the ‘Everyday Mojito’ special. For each day of the week, a flavoured mojito cocktail will be priced at S$8.90. The flavours include orange, melon, Mexican, English, etc.

Thank you MEDZS for having us. Good food makes our tummies happy!

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