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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Henri Charpentier @ Dempsey Hill

Henri Charpentier 
Address: 9A Dempsey Road Singapore 247698
Tel: +65 64795518
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm Daily 

Henri Charpentier opened its doors on 9th October 2014 at Dempsey Hill. 

We heard the queue is long, the service is bad, nonetheless we decided to pay a visit. 

For me, I don't expect much from their service and desserts, many do comment that they are overpriced, but for the visual treats, I believe many will still be willing to pay the price. 

So C called up to make reservations, was told that they don't take reservations and they slammed the phone. 
C wanted to call back to scold them for slamming the phone, but nobody answer. 

Well, so with it, i went with the expectation of very bad service. We also chose a weekday night to go so that the queue will not be horrendous. 

 photo file_zps010c176c.jpg

 photo file_zps153539ab.jpg

Was pretty glad that everything was peaceful! No long queues and all. 

 photo file_zpsded4daac.jpg

 photo file_zps18b09eb9.jpg

Upon entering the restaurant, a girl carme to serve us, and asked if we made reservations, ay, I thought you don't take reservations? This thought didn't came to me at that point so I didn't ask her.

 photo file_zpsa08c7bbf.jpg

We love the ambience here! Went around snapping pictures. For a moment I wished that this is my house.

 photo file_zpsb3f74327.jpg

 photo file_zpsd240b242.jpg

 photo file_zpsa1b48991.jpg

We were shown to our table, so beautiful. 

 photo file_zpsaedea880.jpg

 photo file_zps82d1bb8c.jpg

We were also served iced water without requesting. However, after our friends arrived, they did not serve them ice water automatically. 

 photo file_zpsa079494f.jpg

The knife, fork & spoon holder. 

 photo file_zps0541b393.jpg

Time for some camwhore before we place our orders. Don't worry, there is no queue and its quiet so we didn't hog the seats.

 photo file_zps0144eede.jpg

 photo file_zps5ef9bbcb.jpg

 photo file_zps6eb19ee4.jpg

A Japanese staff (I think this might be managed by 2 Japanese managers, the rest of the staff are locals) Ayumi, saw us wefie-ing and offered to help us take a picture. So nice can! 

 photo file_zps5c62074a.jpg

 photo file_zps016d78ab.jpg

 photo file_zps8ec9fb7b.jpg

Then i continued snapping pictures, wanted to take a picture of this trolley with a stove (K's photobombing).

 photo file_zps88183fe3.jpg

 photo file_zps2c9307ec.jpg

While waiting for the washroom, there is a full length mirror. 

 photo file_zps1db3592f.jpg

 photo file_zps97eb4970.jpg

 photo file_zps3f3a7070.jpg

All these above pictures taken in the washroom. 


 photo file_zpsd019c3b4.jpg

 photo file_zps83cef194.jpg

 photo file_zps39f16186.jpg

10 layers of moist, soft-thin crepes and thick, rich custard cream. It is rather normal piece of crepe cake, nothing to shout about.


What I like about their menu is that, on every dessert, they will indicate what is exclusive to Singapore's outlet, which dish has final touches performed at your table and which dishes contains alcohol.

 photo file_zps584cef03.jpg

 photo file_zps40267ecd.jpg
ROUGE S$19 Exclusive - available only in Singapore.

Parfait of marinated strawberries, financier and passion fruit with a generous amount of strawberry sauce. 

I guess not many people ordered this (because no fire) but this is the nicest out of the few desserts that we've tried! However, we peeked at the other table's order of ROUGE, it doesn't look as pretty as this. 

 photo file_zps996e0d0a.jpg

Next up, the trolley was pushed to our table side!

 photo file_zps549323c1.jpg

 photo file_zps9dbf0f14.jpg

 photo file_zps87b9fe49.jpg

 photo file_zps0055cdb1.jpg

 photo file_zps7e088fbb.jpg

 photo file_zps80574adc.jpg

 photo file_zpsd2f11fc4.jpg

 photo file_zpscac74e5c.jpg

 photo file_zpse9b5533b.jpg

 photo file_zps656e54a7.jpg

A thin crepe is cooked by hand in a copper pan. Butter, orange juice and liqueur are prepared at hand. This is Henri Charpentier's symbolic dessert.

The crepe is indeed silky soft, but nothing much to shout about too. S$22 for 2 pieces of crepes drenched in orange juice & liqueur. You decide. 

 photo file_zps0dfb81a0.jpg

This dessert already look so good before flaming it.

 photo file_zpse564c3ac.jpg

 photo file_zps7d423c31.jpg

Another close up before she pour the flamed liqueur over it.

 photo file_zpsc9d24e2d.jpg

 photo file_zps982fa0d4.jpg

 photo file_zps28763b84.jpg

 photo file_zpsbad1bc02.jpg

 photo file_zpsc71050f0.jpg

 photo file_zps51015825.jpg
FLOWER TEMPTATION S$25 Exclusive - available only in Singapore.

Sauteed pineapple and 2 types of chocolate mousse are added to a flower-shaped sugar bowl and flambeed with orange liqueur. 

This is more to the bitter side, might be due to the dark chocolate and also the liqueur. 

 photo file_zps49e3e374.jpg

The most expensive one we had that night, but its so pretty, such a pity to be burned down to a mess. 

 photo file_zps43113754.jpg

 photo file_zpsfb1f739c.jpg

 photo file_zps9225d876.jpg

 photo file_zps56af4713.jpg

 photo file_zps4e1a2801.jpg
DOME S$29 Exclusive - available only in Singapore.

The chocolate sphere encloses a chocolate parfait biscuit of fraise d'amande. Comes with a little jar of raspberry sauce to go with the dessert. 

Well, I would say the obvious that you already knew/guessed. The price for this dish of course not worth it, but for the ambience, watching the final touches performed at our table & ❤️❤️ people whom I dined with, ok la can, once is enough. And it's a lovely place, we love the ambience! 

 photo file_zps55bdb201.jpg

These are all that was available in the cake display when we left at about 8+pm.

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