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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Birthday Celebration Part 2

17th December 2010 Friday
Birthday Celebration Part 2:
With mummy & brother, then with bf's friends.
Gift from all the backroom people :D 
I am surprised that even newbies who came for about 2 weeks or so, also contributed to my present. 
Meet mummy & brother for dinner at EastPoint's Paradise Inn. 
Birthday cake from mummy. 
Then meet bf and we went bowling with Zesheng, Shirley, Angela, Kexin, Huimun & Matt. 
They are so sweet - surprised me with lovely home-made cupcakes <3 
(Correction to my Part 1 post, I have 2 cakes this year from friends!)

16th December 2010 Thursday
Went for steamboat with bf at Tian Fu (Tanjong Katong) - sad to say i lost all my pictures for today, i dont know what happened. :(
After steamboat, meet ZS, KeXin and Huimun for slacking and KOI.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Birthday Celebration Part 1

15th December 2010 Wednesday
Early Birthday celebration with my gals!
Bags of birthday and Christmas presents.
All the presents - My Birthday as well as our Christmas presents!
My surprise birthday cake - and its my one & only birthday cake for the year (excluding my family's)
Perfumes that I wanted!
Bag organiser - really a must-buy! Changing bags is never tedious from now!
New clothes for my phone!
Hello Kitty Mascara!

I feel loved! The gals fulfilled almost all the items on my wishlist this year! 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Starbucks Toffee Nut Frappe

 In love with Starbucks' Toffee Nut Frappe. Toffee Nut Latte is as nice. :D
Christmas is approaching fast (less than a week's time)!!
I was packing my stuff and threw 15 tops/bottoms/dresses away. 20% satisfied.
 I don't know why but this picture brings a smile to my face (actually, a lot of pictures, not just this)... Maybe those memories... Excursions are love, but there is no new places in Singapore for us to go already. Feel like going away for a short trip.. but i don't think it is possible.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


12th December 2010 Sunday

Bowling at Tampines Safra again, with bf, KX, HM, Shirley, Matt, ZS.
Recalled how i used to bowl daily after work at Marina Square.
My score is always the lowest but I enjoyed throwing the balls fucking hard to make it fly and landed with a ''thud''. :D

The following week had been such a bad and disappointing one.
With disappoinments again & again, irritated with work as well as W's wife passing... ... ... 
It will get better right?

Monday, December 13, 2010


11th December 2010 Saturday 
BBQ @ Ris Grandeur
 Colin is back! A BBQ was organised for him.
 Now... all the funny pictures..
 After the BBQ, we headed to Tampines Safra for bowling!

Fun & enjoyable day :D

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sentosa Family Day

25th November 2010 Thursday

My company's family day this year is to Sentosa, so i had 2 free admission tickets, vouchers as well as discount coupons to the attractions in Sentosa. Finally an 'excursion' for us again! We've been to Zoo, Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park, Science Centre, Army Museum.. Where else is left for us to go?
 Its a sunny day! So we picked the nearest attraction and went in, for the sake of air con!
1st Stop: Images of Singapore
''Images of Singapore is more than a walk down memory lane; it is a journey to the very soul of the nation. Here, legend, facts and folklore are creatively interwoven into an "I am there" experience. Journey from the earliest days of founding fathers to today’s modern Singapore and discover a place where cultural diversity, unity of values and adventure converge.''

S$10/adult & S$7/child
It has a multi-screen theatre and life-sized tableaus depicting local history. We took quite a long time to walk through the whole ''journey'' - nice and worth it! I love such tableaus featuring the past/olden days (but it can be quite scary). And so, I took quite a lot of pictures.

Look at the hazeline snow - My grandma's daily facial regime! I used to stay with her when i was young, and i secretly applied Hazeline Snow on my face too.
In the olden days, people actually watch tv by peeping into this little holes (the above metal box).
The little ice balls that mummy used to tell me. Mooncakes are so cheap in the past?!

2nd Stop: Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom
''A must-see outdoor experience for children, tourists and nature lovers alike, Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom has wowed visitors from all over the world. With the scents, sights and sounds of an authentic tropical rainforest, it's a multi-sensory, interactive experience that's guaranteed to engage you from start to finish.''

S$16/adult & S$10/child
I would say its boring and nothing much to see. Butterflies, pupa, birds & insects. We went in for like 10-15 minutes?

3rd & last Stop: Fort Siloso
''Fort Siloso is home to the nation's largest collection of World War II memorabilia. A tram takes you on a journey through history, with entertaining guides bringing the past to life and explaining the fort's vital role in defending the Malayan region. Explore old tunnels and discover original guns, cannons, film clips and photographs from yesteryear.''

S$8/adult & S$5/child
Sad to say we did not stay for too long here, as it began to rain shortly after we came to fort siloso. Its a very huge place but we only get to go to sheltered places. I did not get to see the cannons.
It shows the fall of Singapore and the japanese surrendered 3.5 years after the war started.
After this, we took the Sentosa Express to Vivocity. Had Marche for dinner again, although we just had Marche a week ago.
Pork Knuckle, Mixed Vege, and the must-order Rosti.
Tiring but fun day with baby.