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Monday, April 29, 2013

Singtel Comcentre FoodCourt

Making you hungry at this timing, if you happen to read. Because I am hungry now.

Since I left Orchard, I felt to sad, I miss the food at comcentre BADLY. They have cheap & yummy food I don't know why. Very unfair.

So one of the weekdays afternoon, I head there for lunch and walk walk, shop shop in orchard!

 photo file_zpsab4fad92.jpg

(stomach is growling like mad now) Chicken Chop. OMG how can you resist.

 photo file_zpsdd6cb1d5.jpg

My beloved wanton noodles that I always have to order. Maybe 80% of my visits to comcentre I will order this.

 photo file_zps8a97e24b.jpg

But of course there are other food like mix vegetables rice, malay food, prawn noodles, chicken rice(they have this herbal chicken which is SOOOO nice), korean BBQ, can never finish naming.

Thank you for the wonderful food. You are missed.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Random stuff from breadtalk because I am sorting my pictures at Starbucks, and realised I have not posted these.

 photo file_zpsf3432431.jpg

 photo file_zps722fd777.jpg

During CNY, Ingot!

Coffee Stars by Dao

Quite some time back already - CNY 2013, if you have to know.

I realised I have not post this. Its a must post because i need to introduce this really nice cake & thai ice tea to you!

 photo file_zps19143d51.jpg

On a weekday afternoon, we went to Orchard. There is the CNY fair at Taka's Atrium, and there is this booth selling cute little Japanese cakes/jellies/candies! Picture will tell you how cute they are but they are not nice at all. If you really have to buy, just buy 1. ONE. Its tasteless, no fragrance, nothing, except sweetness.

 photo file_zpsa4b54b9e.jpg

 photo file_zpsf75f34fc.jpg

 photo file_zps562a3a33.jpg

A not very crowded fair because its on a weekday. :)

Then we headed to

Coffee Stars by Dao 
435 Orchard Road
#01-37-41 Wisma Atria Shopping Centre

 photo file_zpsf983f7ac.jpg

At one look, looking at the cafe layout, and cakes display, I couldn't tell that its a Thai Cafe, until I look at their menu. Thai main courses like Tom Yum Soup, Basil leaves meat etc.

 photo file_zps68d569d9.jpg

Thai Iced Tea S$7

Normally I had thai ice tea at thai cafes which soldThai Ice Teas for at most S$2-3, so I was a little shocked when I see that its S$7. S$7 could get me a decent coffee drink at a cafe.

But when I took a sip, I was blown away, its so nice! Thirst quenching, sweet but just nice, the tea fragrance is really nice!

 photo file_zps575c8561.jpg

White chocolate latte S$6.50 which is good too.

 photo file_zps905a5613.jpg

The cakes on the display doesn't really look appealing to me, but I tried to choose the most appealing-looking cake to me.

So I chose, Green Tea Crepe Cake with Chocolate Sauce S$9.

Its rather expensive for a slice of cake too. The most expensive I had(apart from a mini cake from Laduree, Tokyo S$15) is at Kki, but they are forgiven because their cakes are so soft & fluffy, and moist and made by a Japanese Chef.

So I really want to see how is this worth the $$.

 photo file_zps74b27a18.jpg

 photo file_zpsd5e44d73.jpg

Looks appealing nao! Wow, this crepe cake is heavenly. Its soft, moist because the cake itself is already very soft - green tea mousse like texture with a layer of chocolate in between, layers and layers topped with chocolate syrup. Its not exceptionally sweet, its just nice and totally awesome.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Steam Sia & Sucre waffles!

 photo file_zps3194e776.jpg

 photo file_zpsc96669b9.jpg

Weekends but im in the mood for dresses! Short old dress.

 photo file_zps97b42e94.jpg

 photo file_zpsf6b2392a.jpg

Today we headed to Steam Sia.

Steam Sia 
5 Hindoo Road

 photo file_zps7b734198.jpg

 photo file_zps2b72ddae.jpg

 photo file_zps71749f37.jpg

Small cart on the left, you may feel free to take the snacks and munch on, there are old school toys as well.

 photo file_zpsa7bc0205.jpg

Iced Bandung on a hot day.

 photo file_zps8aaa6a0d.jpg

Curry Chicken with bread!

 photo file_zpsb6c38c73.jpg

Assam Fish.

 photo file_zps1d3b5baf.jpg

 photo file_zpsf6b234b3.jpg

 photo file_zps99a79f22.jpg

Old school snacks!

 photo file_zps42399e8c.jpg

Saw this at ARC but didn't managed to try because it was closed. So when I see this at the basement of CitySquare Mall, I had to give it a try!

 photo file_zps3d27c714.jpg

Cloudy Chocolate S$2.40

It doesn't taste as nice as it looks.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Redhill Market!

Back to Redhill Market for their XLB and mutton soup.

 photo file_zpsa6de51e6.jpg

Mutton soup from the malay stall.

 photo file_zps0bc528bf.jpg

XLB which is really good.

 photo file_zps82b4075f.jpg

A walk after dinner and we found rabbits hoping around!

 photo file_zps82b4075f.jpg

 photo file_zps17cb9576.jpg

Bought yuan bao for mummy!

 photo file_zpsf73f3b64.jpg

 photo file_zpsb3c171c1.jpg

Colourful pandan cake!

 photo file_zpsb7fff706.jpg

 photo file_zps9dfdcf29.jpg

Then I went home to cook some pasta for us. The usual aglio olio.

 photo file_zps0f3baa64.jpg

 photo file_zps5cc6aa76.jpg

Took a nap and woke up to have a slice of coffee swiss roll. This is how weekends should be. Eat & slp.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Katong Shopping Centre Chicken Rice

On a lazy weekend, I could sleep non stop maybe one weekday a month.

This is the day but I managed to drag myself out of bed and head for some good food.

 photo file_zps94500e97.jpg

Gloomy sky and huge sun.

 photo file_zps33f5732f.jpg

Casual outfit because I wasn't in the mood to dress up.

 photo file_zpsb3feeb37.jpg

K brought me for a feast.

 photo file_zpsd90df43d.jpg

Awesome Katong's delicious boneless chicken rice. Request for boneless if you want it boneless although the stall's name is ''Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice''.

 photo file_zps77186ee2.jpg

Ordered roast pork too!

 photo file_zpsf5c4fa38.jpg

Soup & achar is free! And today's soup is pork ribs, peanuts, lotus roots soup. Totally delicious!

Their normal usual and common soup (which is also quite tasty, which K also love) is some vegetables carrot soup.

Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice
865 Mountbatten Road #B1-85/87 Katong Shopping Centre

 photo file_zps6debfeb6.jpg

Then we went to Parkway for a walk!

 photo file_zpsb6c8a156.jpg

Chocolate croissants for breakfast!

 photo file_zpsbf30c375.jpg

Mummy got me some pastry too.

 photo file_zps3d66c4ec.jpg

Chocolate caramel corn.

 photo file_zpsdeeb4f2b.jpg

Delicious Market O crackers.

 photo file_zpsc6086fec.jpg

 photo file_zps99f4c097.jpg

 photo file_zps5bc3b848.jpg

All the loves from lover!

 photo file_zps4f32da1a.jpg

Mini ang ku kueh with Black Kiss Milk Tea.

Ok, thats all. I was introducing my favourite food, and what I alway eat.