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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Changed a PC at work & Lai Lai Beef Noodles!

Finally company is going to change PCs for us! 
The HP guys at my desk!
In the process of copying my desktop files to my new PC.
After work, I bought some snacks to give to Fang as well as pick up her Metro card from her, because I will be going to the Metro sales the next day! Making use of the 20% storewide to stock up on my Chanel liquid foundation & powder!
Bought cashew nuts for mummy as she has cravings!

We were all forced to alight at Tai Seng, which I don't understand why. We alighted and the train move off, and since the train is able to move off, means it is still working. WHY FORCE US TO ALIGHT????! 

The worst ever! Waited for quite some time before the train comes... we boarded the train and to our horror, it stops at every station for a good 10-15 minutes before moving off. This Caucasian lady standing beside me in the train, got frustrated and sat on the floor despite wearing dress & high heels.
Screenshot sent to me by my supervisor.
After I reached the office, I received notifications on my phone - this time, NEL's train disruption?? 
I used to love my country until... it became over populated, a train ride to work is a tedious thing to do now, and I have to go through all these EVERYDAY (if i go to work). That is the most dreadful part. Especially in the morning, you dragged yourself out of bed, prepared for work in this hot, humid weather, got out of the house, and the whole world is going towards the same direction as you (towards the train station) in the HOT & HUMID weather. How not to feel angsty?? 
Then I boarded the train at Simei Station, its packed up to the door, at times I have to miss 1-2 trains before I am able to board the train, then BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN st times, and when trains breakdown, the human traffic is worse than seeing ghosts... HOW NOT TO FEEL ANGSTY AND START THE DAY RIGHT???? 

Ok enough of nonsense shits that you & I cannot control. 

So, after work is dinner date with LiKeng & XiaoHui! This time is Lai Lai Beef Noodles! Very yummy beef noodles!
Intro this - pig intestines to LiKeng but she don't like it :X 
To someone who does not really like intestines (me), I find that its quite delish though.
Mee sua for the preggie mum!
Beef noodles for LiKeng & myself!
The noodles, the beef, the sauce is NICE!! The beef is tender & not too hard too!
But the kai lan is disappointing, its like being boiled for 2 seconds, and have oyster sauce poured over it. Most of the times when we go to restaurants & Zhi Char hawker stalls, when the rest of the food fails, kai lan is the best/yummiest/most delicious. But the kai lan here is a no no. Maybe I am not a healthy person, thats why. 
Salted pepper chicken - 盐酥鸡 is also a must try if you have to order sides. 
And I have to say my favourite bubble tea is Lai Lai Beef Noodles' bubble tea! Green or red tea is fine, both is nice but among the two, I prefer red milk tea! The kind of fragrance, is something I don't know how to describe, the 3 of us love it! 
Then its desserts at Hong Kong Sun Kee Desserts - they sell awesome mango pomelo! Better than Dessert Story. LiKeng ordered Black Sesame paste with beancurd.
I ordered Red Bean paste with beancurd.
Verdict: Dessert Story hot desserts like such paste, is nicer. The beancurd is not sweet at all, so you imagine hard unsweetened beancurd in not-so-thick paste.
This is what brought us here because the preggie XiaoHui is craving for this EVERYDAY!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sentosa Broadwalk again!


WOOHOO I love this shop~! I love looking at cutlery, and whatever home related stuff.
From Ikea the day before!

Toast box also use this device! I like this device! Ok, random. 

Sweet potato fritters with sour plum powder. VERY YUMZ!
The Marlin bitch baked some brownie!
This... is Giant's receipt. Me & my colleague :O

Too dark :( my dessert don't look nice at all.

Doesn't  look that good!
Curly fries with cheese dip!

Nice not? Drawn by my personal artist! MUAHAHA!!!