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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Watson sale & dinner with BFF

18th May 2011 Wednesday
Watsons Member Preview Sale!

Met up with BFF Ah Fang for the Watsons Member Sale, after work. Total damage: $98? 
Bought Tsubaki shampoo, ZA foundation for myself and mum, contact lens solution.. bleah its all normal daily necessities.  
Dinner at Umi Sushi after that. Love their Salmon / Saba set. 

A day at Sim Lim Square

17th May 2011 TUESDAY
Meet bf early to have breakfast at Carl's Jr, realised they only serve 1 hour's breakfast. They open at 10am and breakfast is till 11am.
Finally I get to eat the Sourdough burger! 
Salsa love
On our way to Sim Lim Square - in Jasper's car.

Bf finally customised his own computer! He bought L4D2 for me and I can play as and when i want whenever I am at his place. Zombies.. i just love the blood, the gore and everything.