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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Spotted another new eatery!
Got attracted to the beautiful boxes they have to contain the sushis!
And best part is you customise what goes into your sushi. Choose the ingredients & the staff will wrap it into maki for you!
So Japanese, so kawaii!
They have these papers for your to tick from, because there are way too much fillings for you to put in your own customised sushis, so have to write down.
For sushis they 2 types: Little San & Mega San. And they have salads as well, 2 sizes too, i think.
Actually the ''sizes'' are not in terms of size, its the same size, only the ingredients is more for the bigger size one.

Little San S$6.90 
Consists of 1 wrap, 1 rice, 3 essentials, 1 sprinkle, 1 house sauce.

Mega San S$9.90
Consists of 1 wrap, 1 rice, 5 essentials, 1 special, 1 sprinkle, 1 house sauce.

Quite a lot of ingredients, and I was wondering how they squeeze into the sushi but well, yes they managed to do it and I really count the ingredients :x Not being kiasu but just to make sure.

Thats my beautiful maki. The 3 of us share a Mega San, we choose the ingredients until headache. Too many to choose from.
Equal in size, because its cut by machine.
Salad that I didn't try, but the colours look awesome.
Maki San

2 Handy Road #B1-17/18 The Cathy
Open Daily 11.30am to 9.30pm

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Maccha House

New Japanese cafe spotted! New cafe especially Japanese cafes means ''MUST TRY!'' (Actually this is my second time there!)

Quite a long queue on a weekend afternoon.
You have to queue for quite a while, place an order through the cashier, make payment, take the number tag from cashier, and proceed to your table to wait for food, staff will take quite some time before they can locate you, and serve you the much-melted desserts/drinks.

Mixed Dorayaki S$9.99 that has quite melted because BH waited quite a while for us.

Maccha Latte Float with Rice-flour Dumplings S$5.99

Maccha Cream Latte S$4.99 on the left and Maccha Latte with Soft Serve S$4.99 (Soft serve machine spoil so they replaced with a scoop of vanilla ice cream). A cool place to hang out at but staff had a hard time going around looking for our number tags, ended up the ice cream all melted. :( 

Maccha House
181 Orchard Road  #B1-40 Orchard Central

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas Eve Lunner

No. Its not brunch already. Its called Lunner (Between lunch & dinner). This word is not invented by me, its on Urban Dictionary. HAHA! 

Decided to hang out with the colleagues after a half day work on Christmas Eve. Marche! Because I am craving for it! Thank you, whoever you are (as if a lot of people), always accommodating me, letting me choose what I want to eat. So blessed heheh! People like, BFF fang, K, LT, Darling, XiaoHui, LiKeng, colleagues, BH, S etc! Xie xie! I love friends who pamper me, I will always pamper them by buying small little cutesy stuff. :P Give & take is LOVE.
Salmon crepe!
Mushroom soup! I LOVE LOVE the mushroom soup! One of the best around.
Mix vege. One of my MUST-ORDER.
First time trying their Salmon steak, awesome!
Pork knuckle. (I don't like) I dislike the pork taste in pork. Sounds weird, but pork smells bad. And this pork knuckle has a porky taste/smell which I don't like.
Rosti & Mushroom ragout (I think). And this bowl of mushroom, I didn't try, so I don't know nice or not. 

Can't wait for my next Marche session with XH & LK. (see! I told them I am craving for Marche, since December they are trying very hard to meet my demand, but in December, the Q is atrociously long, and this month, we might not have the chance to meet, so we will meet again before CNY hopefully!)

After that, I am going to show you something that has never happened to me before:
So lucky in Dai Di but seriously, i end up losing. Ok. Bye. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Into the Christmas Mood

Some randoms before I post my Christmas brunch for you to see!

Had always wanted to eat bagel and dream came true! Sounds like an old virgin, who will buy it for herself then show off. NO. Someone pampered me. :D Thank You!
With green tea latte some more.

All the Christmas stuff that is occupying a lot of space on my table.
A candy cane. Given out by an elf and a fairy on the streets of Orchard. How nice it is to be in the month of December.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Au Chocolat @ MBS

2nd time here!
Looks so relish, Vitty has to come out and take a picture with them!
Salted caramel cupcake with gingerbread man! S$5.50
You can get this on normal days, just that its without the Xmas decorative stuff on the cupcakes!
Au Chocolat Cupcake S$5.50
Truffle fries
Strips od crispy potatoes drizzled with frangrant white truffle oil & seasoned with truffle sea salt, served with mayonnaise & BBQ sauce S$15.00

K & I could only eat less than half, although everybody said that its delicious. Maybe we are too full and the portion is rather big for us to share.
Cappuccino S$7
Latte S$7
2 Cupcakes together.
Playing with the Cupcakes deco.
Tried to make the gingerbread man's head float on my foam but failed, so the head is in my latte, and the body is on the edge of my cup.
Au Chocolat
2 Bayfront Avenue #01-03 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Thursday, January 24, 2013

From MBS to Esplanade!

As the title says it all! This post is on all the boring snaps I took when walking from MBS to Esplanade! Thank you SIngapore for being beautiful.
The moon & Art Science Museum LOL
If you are a office working adult and takes a train to work every morning. Looking at this, makes you feel like you are in another dimension of this world. HAHA! So different.
Because it was the Christmas season, there is performance (Piano & Violin) in Esplanade! All the Christmas songs!
See you again in a year's time!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nana's Green Tea!!

Finally after a long wait, Nana's Green Tea came to a place nearer to me - Plaza Singapura!
Beautifully located at the new wing of PS! But business is quite blah, compared to the other newly opened restaurants/cafes there.
Locomoko Don
(Beef patty served over warm Japanese rice garnished with lettuce, tomato, broccoli, and a sunny side-up) S$15.80
Salmon & Maguro Don
(Soy marinated Tuna & Salmon served over Japanese rice garnished with sesame, nori, Japanese pickled ginger, spring onion, daikon sprout and a drizzle of mayonnaise sauce.) S$15.80

Why I love & is all crazy about Nana's Green Tea because I patronised them in Japan and I love it so much! Too many food to eat there, so I didn't have a good chance to try out the food I wanted to try. Since they are in Singapore, I HAVE to try but sadly they were located at Jurong (VERY LONG journey from my place to Jurong), but of course I still went (big fan LOL). Now they have closed down the Jurong outlet and opened one in town (ok, very fair to me staying in the east), I am too grateful.
And above 2 main course are served with miso soup!
This one I am going to type below, is going to blow you away.
Matcha Shiratama Parfait
(An artisan dessert starting with a layer of kanten jelly and matcha syrup then topped with soft serve vanilla ice-cream, generous layer of corn flakes and garnished with a matcha ice-cream, red bean paste, mochi, whipped cream and a dizzle of matcha syrup.) S$11.80

Type also type until I am drooling.

The Atrium @ Orchard, Plaza Singapura 60B, Orchard Road #03-80/82 Singapore 238891
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 1100-2200, Last order: 2130