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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Teo Heng KTV

16th October 2010 Saturday
Baby brought me to Fei Fei wanton noodles for dinner before heading to Teo Heng KTV.
ZS's birthday present is 4 packs of cigarettes from baby zzz!
Supper at C Nai HK Cafe! I miss Lao Ma, Josephine! I don't know if she is still working there.
15th October 2010 Friday
Ala Carte Buffet dinner with babby's family for his sister's birthday. No food pictures as i was busy eating!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


14th October 2010 Thursday
Dinner with baby at Thai Express.
A simple dinner turns into almost like dating. Old times.
Chill out & rested at JCo for a whle before heading home.

Dinner with lover & KK

13th October 2010 Wednesday
Meet up with XiaoHan & KimKee after work for dinner and shopping.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Little naughty

He is getting naughtier!
We broke his flower wheel, therefore we got him another one (those that Pet Lover's Centres are using).
Look at the way this cutie sleeps!
For the past few days, he had been sleeping a lot! Almost the whole time when I was at baby's place, boyboy is sleeping inside his wooden house. Not even coming out to get food. So unlike him and I got worried. Today, he is really naughty and active. He came out for food, and squeezed his way to sleep under his toilet! He even tore the pee pad that we laid, under the beddings.
A part of me is glad that he is back to normal - active & naughty.


Short entry.
Finally i opened the new Kotex Luxe pads!
Pretty with designs. Its comfotable and doesn't cause any rashes to me at all :D

Happy Birthday Matt (again!)

11th October 2010 Monday

Meet up with Matthew, JingFang & ShaoJie to celebrate Matt's 26.
Dinner at FISH. Monday special - 50% off for the 2nd main course. And any main course you ordered, you will be entitled to their salad buffet worth $12.90! 
Sorry, pictures are all blur as the birthday boy cannot stay still.
Gifts from Wendy.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Almost missing

12th October 2010 Tuesday

Baby stayed in camp on Sunday & Monday night. Today we went home excitedly, I ran to boyboy's 'house' to find him missing. I couldn't believe my eyes. I looked into the tunnel toy, toilet roll, behind the wheel, in his wooden house (his wooden house is surprisingly EMPTY - he love to stuff tissue and beddings in there), i look into every possible places. I always imagined going to his 'house' finding him stiff and dead. This time round, i couldn't even see his body at all! I shouted to baby. He came over, flip the beddings and confirmed my fear. Boyboy ESCAPED! I am almost near to tears but didn't show it to baby as i know he is as sad. 

We pulled out baby's heavy bed, took away the mattress hoping to find him under the bed, no signs of boyboy. Bent down to look at every corner. Suddenly i saw boyboy in between baby's bed & the shelf we got from ikea for boyboy! Naughty! the moment i saw him, he is so cute! He is so timid, and ran away from us to hide at a corner. NAUGHTY! I just want to smack his buttocks! We suspect he climb his water bottle and escape through the 2cm by 2cm hole! Hamsters are real clever creatures! 
 When we went out for dinner earlier on, we bought this plastic mesh thing, cut it and replaced the lid/cover of his tank. Take no risk...
We came home, took out everything in his 'house' and give it a good wash with white vinegar, soap, water. changed the bedding. Boyboy must be in shock himself too. (at least he stayed in baby's room, and not roaming around the house!) Bought him a carrier that i've been wanting to buy since day 1.

Its been a tiring day for baby :((
Mentally and physically.

Monday, October 11, 2010


10th October 2010 Sunday
Woke up at 12 noon! Baby brought me to Changi Village Hawker for lunch! I miss the Ipoh Hor Fun there!
BoyBoy slept the whole day, as though he is out clubbing on Saturday night :P

Happy Birthday MATT!

9th October 2010 Saturday
Meet Fang after work for some shopping and lunch. Lunch @ MOS Burger and i saw Darling love.
Hairol invited us to drop by M hotel to give WeiCong a birthday surprise. The room is decently spacious.
Bought KOI Bubble tea there, first time i ordered 10 cups of KOI bubble tea over the counter.

Happy birthday once again AhMok/WeiCong/MM/Matt!
Baby came and fetch me, and we went for supper!

Both of us love frog porridge! We ordered 5 frogs and a 4-season bean. 
Satisfied Supper! 
Boyboy is active the whole night! Its so fun to off the lights, leaving only the television on, watching him play! He is so active at night when the lights are off! He will jump into his food bowl, and 2 seconds later into the wheel and he kept running on the wheel, then came out again and into the food bowl, to his water, and the cycle repeats and he is not tired or bored! But the next day he slept a lot, in fact he slept throughout the day, without even waking up to eat or drink. Played with him for a while before i go home. Will not be seeing him today. I hope he will not be abnormal again!


Wanted to blog but pictures are all in my camera and i left my memory card reader in baby's place. So i have to make do with whatever pictures in my phone. I don't like  blogging without pictures as its kinda boring -  nothing for me to talk about!  Now I am munching on peanut butter bread and sipping a mug of milo with 2 tablespoon full of condensed milk at 1.20am! :P
Baby bought treats for boyboy. Treats that we fed boyboy: Broccoli, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, doughnuts treats, mealworms.  I guess boyboy only like sunflower seeds and pine nuts.
After baby's stay-in one of a weekday last week, found boyboy different as before. He stoned a lot, acting not like his usual self. He stoned at the above position for a few minutes. It scares me much. Googled and found it to be normal :D
Put him in a exercise ball - he is busy running around the room exploring.
 Breakfast on Saturday at work with KimKee.
New Knor's 2-min cup porridge, I prefer Myojo's.
Ah Pek's traditional ice cream :)
Walked home from baby's place just now as he need to book in tonight. Downloaded 'RunKeeper lite'app to track my speed and distance that I have walked.
It was 101010 yesterday, and everybody is busy with getting married.. My facebook is filled with wedding/solemnisation pictures. Happy 101010 :D
No matter what the date is, stay blissful. <3
The weather is real hot! I am going for a shower now! Goodnight!