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Friday, October 26, 2012

Macarons & MOF!

Hasn't been posting much these days :X 
Feeling rather lazy & tired. So, nah, a lot of pictures below and yummy macarons porn.
My face first :D

Summer Collection of their macaron porn! 
Violet Berries, Lemon Lime, Vanilla Banana, Mint Chocolate, Rice Krispie Chocolate!
Sent all the way to me :D All the summer flavours plus my favourites! 

Eating all at one shot is impossible :P 
This should be the Rice Krispie Chocolate. All that shimmers on top. Can't wait to see the Christmas collection (if they have).
Sea salt caramel is my favourite followed by Rose! Both are their normal menu, not limited edition so can get it anytime! 
There is a course for Macaron baking that E introduced me, but it is $60 for 1 lesson. Am still deciding if I should go!
Buy McDonalds also must camhore!

All the free food in the office.

My boring usual lunch - Japanese food!
Was too bored during lunch so, took a bus to go shopping with A. He introduced me this, some yummy chocolate cookies at 7-11. We both bought a packet each.

Red Velvet cupcake from the Supervisor.
Not an ordinary one..... .....
Its with a chocolate centre.

Strawberry Hokkaido cakes for the colleagues!
Then, its MOF dinner with Eme!
Salmon (5 pieces) SGD$8
My free pot of hot green tea to share (members get a free drink, either hot green tea, ice tea or coffee), Chose hot green tea thinking we can share but 1 member only can have 1 cup, so we tian mi mi. 
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice SGD$13.80
I order my favourite - Tofu! 
Salmon Tofu - Deep fried white tofu with fried salmon in teriyaki sauce SGD$9.80

Now, comes the desserts!
Chocolate Hokkaido Soft Serve SGD$2.80
Matcha Hokkaido Soft Serve SGD$2.80
This might be even the last time we had desserts. Get well soon gal :D

Monday, October 22, 2012


Happy mood because I am going to have good food today! 
Lunch: Some curry chicken...
Apple pie soya icecream
& Yuzu Dorayaki!
Off to Medz with the Koishii & neighbours!
MEDZ is a Mediterranean-themed restaurant, the system is very Marche-like. Its a spacious restaurant and very chill-out kind of place, and they have lots of alcoholic drinks, especially beers, all kinds of beers you have never seen. And as I was saying, the system is Marche-like - they have this tap-card, you order your food and give the card to the staff, they will charge your item to the card. Food wise- more variety than Marche and I love the desserts there! And NO service charge, and very very friendly staff! 
One of the many ''stalls''.

Oh and this pager thing, I like! Instead of saying ''come back in 5 minutes'', you wouldn't even know if that FIVE minutes is up already. And even if the 5 mins is up, sometimes you go back to the shop, you might still have to wait a little longer for your food.
I hope every self service cafe/restaurants will have this pager system thing! Once your food is ready, it will light up, vibrate and beep! 

I had this Rose Beer, very nice and refreshing and what makes it better is... 1 for 1! Happy hour! 

This is from the kebab stall. I think it is from the Spain/Morocco/Tunisia stall. 
Rosti with Parma Ham. And I think it cost like SGD$12? 
Meatball rice? But the rice is not rice, it taste like barley! Not as in the taste but when you bite into it, it totally feels lik barley. Find it weird initially but somehow we ended up, munching non stop.
I ordered a Sausage Platter. The name sounds huge but it is just nice for me, or maybe not even enough for big-eaters.
Seafood Paella, which is quite normal. Barley rice taste better.
The healthy boy ordered this healthy stick.

Once we were done with the main course, its time for desserts! Ran to the dessert bar!
We died just by seeing these..
And maybe these... 
and this.
Neighbour got Churros and the staff told her to go to the fondue and ''collect'' the chocolate dips. So it became a mess. 
Bread & Butter pudding!
Crepe with chocolate ice cream & strawberries!
Creme Brulee.
Waffle with vanilla and strawberry ice cream topped wit strawberries!
Chocolate Souffle.
You can never imagine, the above food at MEDZ, is not fed to 10 person. Its just the 4 of us. O.O
How not to get fat! Nevermind, its just once in a while.

181 Orchard Road, #B2-01/03, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896