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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Little Flower Shop @ Lau Pa Sat

The Little Flower Shop
18 Raffles Quay #01-42 Lau Pa Sat Singapore 048582
Opening Hours: 10am to 8pm Daily

 photo file_zps61b7f857.jpg

K brought me to this pretty and cosy flower shop! It is really beautiful!

They are a florist cum cafe. They serve everything flower, from tea, ice cream, sandwich, savoury canapés, sweet canapés to macarons!

We were full from the meal inside Lau Pa Sat (previous post), K insist to order a pot of The Vert Memory Tea (Cherry & Rose Petals) S$15.90.

Even a grown man cannot resist this pretty cafe. It is a small cafe though, only about 6-seater.

 photo file_zpse604bde6.jpg

 photo file_zps8c3ae270.jpg

Then K actually went to order macarons for me!

From left:
Hibiscus Macaron S$3.80
Sakura Macaron S$3.80
Lavender Macaron S$3.80

The mini blue one is Cornflower Macaron for sampling only.

The macarons are pretty good!!!

 photo file_zps08467369.jpg

Before i go, more pictures of the shop taken by my Redmi.

 photo file_zps935a7c4c.jpg

 photo file_zps47533b8b.jpg

 photo file_zps755183e0.jpg

This is a walk-in fridge!! The lady boss was so kind to ask me to go in and take a look. Its cold in there, would love to sleep in there!

 photo file_zps08a841bc.jpg

 photo file_zps394e7c14.jpg

 photo file_zpsbe4c025a.jpg

 photo file_zps1e5ce59e.jpg

 photo file_zpsd1e72f60.jpg

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Delicius Pasticcerie @ Lau Pa Sat

Lau Pa Sat
18 Raffles Quay Singapore 048582
Remember to flash your Blue Kopitiam Card for 10% Discount!

K brought me to Lau Pa Sat on the 2nd day of its opening. Or was it 3rd? Sorry I couldn't quite recall.


We walked round & round, we really could not decide what to eat. There are dim sums, pizzas, a few pinot food stalls, thunder rice (long queue!), Song Kee Fishball Noodles, char kwey teow stall, bakeries & even seafood restaurant!

We decided to go for Indian food (there were a few) from Stall 48.

 photo file_zpse60258db.jpg

Its Mutton Curry + Potatoes + Vegetables + Rice S$6

I was feel mouth itchy and added a Tandoori Chicken S$4

 photo file_zpsfc811f45.jpg

Look at this beautiful dessert!! Restaurant-like, but its from one of the stalls there.

Uji Macha Bavarian S$4.80 from stall 26. This bakery occupies many stall space, maybe like 5-6 or even more! They sell beautiful desserts, cheese tarts etc.

 photo file_zps520c2f56.jpg

 photo file_zps58a4bcef.jpg

Thats very beautiful and taste good too!

Alright, I will go back for other different food and desserts from Delicius!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hello Kitty Mooncakes @ The Icing Room

The Icing Room

1) 9 Bishan Place #L1-35/36 Junction 8 S.C Singapore 579837 
    Operating hours: 10am to 10pm daily Tel: 6354 3659 

2) Jurong Point 63 Jurong West Central 3 #B1-105 Jurong Point S.C. Singapore 648331 
    Operating hours: 10am to 10pm daily Tel: 6861 4644

3) 23 Serangoon Central #B2-58/59 NEX Singapore 556083 
    Operating hours: 10am to 10pm daily Tel: 6634 4486

♡ It's the "Mooncakes Season" again!

I remembered last year they had snow skin Hello Kitty Mooncakes, this year its baked Hello Kitty Mooncakes!

 photo file_zpse136d8a0.jpg

♡ Look at this sweet pink Hello Kitty Carrier of 4-piece Baked Hello Kitty Mooncakes, exclusively available at all The Icing Room outlets!

 photo file_zps6452a717.jpg

[Hello Kitty Carrier + 4 pieces of mini mooncakes (2 pieces of each flavour) S$26.80]

[White Lotus with Cranberries] - Premium white lotus paste mixed with the tangy flavours of chopped dried cranberries, these little gems are baked to ‘purr- fection’. Power up with this mini mooncake packed with anti-oxidants!

[White Lotus with Macadamia Nuts] - A perfect combination of crunchy and soft textures, this delightful treat is brimming with premium white lotus paste and generous pieces of macadamia nuts.

 photo file_zps779c1e54.jpg

Look at the amount of cranberries & macadamia nuts in the moon cakes.

☞ Only 800 boxes are available! You have to hurry!

☞ Pre-order/Early Bird (19 Jul – 17 Aug) - 12% off mooncake set
NTUC members are entitled to 15% discount when you flash your NTUC card.
If you are not so early every year, then between 18 Aug – 8 Sep,  purchase 2 boxes of mooncakes at $48.00 (U.P. $53.60)

15% off promo code for orders made on TIR delivery website (code will be revealed on Facebook page)

 photo file_zpsb0533cd6.jpg
(picture credit to The Icing Room)

Thank you The Icing Room for this sweet looking pink box and adorable & delicious moon cakes!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bread & Hearth @ Keong Saik Road

Bread & Hearth 
Address: 18 Keong Saik Road 
Opening Hours: 8am to 9.30pm daily

First 1-2 days after it opened, K brought me here for dinner. Breads for dinner, yes. Sounds pitiful, however breads are not cheap these days. :p

 photo file_zps09e79826.jpg

Clockwise from the left.

Pain Au Fromage S$2.80 is a sweet bun with cheese, highly recommended by the staff. I didn't like this as it is too overwhelmed with the salty cheese, bread is a little dry.

We both love Chocolat Blanc S$2.80, it has white chocolate bits and the texture of the bread is like Popeyes' biscuits but of course much better.

Love the buttery pastry of this Pain Au Chocolat S$2.80, it would be better if they are more generous with the chocolate.

Almond Chocolat S$3.50 is another pastry with the buttery taste that I like, and it has chocolate & almond. May not look pretty but it is pretty decent.

Would love to try their tarts, but they don't have them that day. I would say their pastries were quite good, but not the bread. They have many more breads that I didn't try, they are Matcha Orange, Cranberry, Focaccia, Ciabatta, Broiche etc.

 photo file_zps2ea1a53d.jpg

Flat White S$5
Mocha S$5.50

 photo file_zps38e634f9.jpg

 photo file_zps09414c65.jpg

Look at the number of breads! I had a hard time choosing, so the staff recommended some to us.

 photo file_zps20744db2.jpg

 photo file_zps18c7e0f8.jpg

 photo file_zpsfaf21007.jpg

Love the rolling pin door handle and the chopping board opening hours signage.

 photo file_zps1711925c.jpg

 photo file_zps92411442.jpg

 photo file_zps255b5ea4.jpg

For the love of bread, ‘All are welcome, friends and strangers alike, to our humble hearth.’
(Taken from Bread & Hearth)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fart Tartz Cafe @ Singapore Expo

Fart Tartz Cafe
Address: 1 Expo Drive #02-04 Singapore 486150 (right beside Coffee Bean)
Opening Hours: Mon to Thu 8am to 6pm 
                            Fri to Sun 8am to 8pm 

2nd Visit
3rd Visit
 photo file_zps1a2b308b.jpg

I think this might be the most beautiful picture I have ever taken for these past months. Taken with iPhone but great lighting! But of course the presentation of the desserts is pretty as well.

For those who haven't know where the location of Fart Tartz Cafe, it is right beside Coffee Bean. Its been years since I last visited the Coffee Bean here, I used to go there a lot during my poly days, to study for my exams. Time flies.

Visit during the day as lighting is awesome, however evening or night time will be peaceful and cozy too.

 photo file_zpsd7ed3d45.jpg

This place is beautiful, I would want my new house to look like this. You will know when you get there.

 photo file_zps4a31142f.jpg

Mocha S$6.50 is quite a decent big cup. While I was there, there were only 2 young girls tending the cafe. They don't look like they can make a simple coffee art. I was wrong, I apologise. And they are very friendly too! They recommend the new items as well as the most popular items in the cafe. One of the girls even offer to take out all the items displayed in the fridge to let me take a picture if I want. Of course I didn't. :D

 photo file_zpseb0755f7.jpg

Strawberry or Berry (?) Nutella Chocolate S$6.80 comes in a small jar. Look at that piece of cute looking TINY chocolate bar! I have to focus on the chocolate bar so the background was a little overexposed.

 photo file_zps13725bb4.jpg

Banana Chocolate Mud Tart S$5.50 also a small pot of edible plant. As it contains banana, so it was a little dry & sticky, taste wise was still not too bad. I tend to compare this with the Dirt Cake I had at Vanilla Bar (that was soooooo good because it has mascarpone cheese!)

 photo file_zpsaba61508.jpg

 photo file_zpsaf487466.jpg

Mango Short Tart S$6.80, they said this is the most popular. I had a hard time choosing the tart jars, every flavour looks good. On and off they are coming up with new flavours/items, like the potted plant, they come in Matcha flavour now!

Oh and plus point, love the wooden disposable spoon that we used to eat the desserts.

And some shots i took of the place:

 photo file_zpsc3b96c05.jpg

 photo file_zps546245f2.jpg

 photo file_zps937e4313.jpg

 photo file_zps8616d0fa.jpg

See! Good lighting. :D Only instagrammers will know.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Outback Steakhouse @ Orchard Gateway

Outback Steakhouse
Address: 277 Orchard Road #04-01 Orchard Gateway
               9 Raffles Boulevard #01-99 Millennia Walk 
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10.30pm

 photo file_zpsc1a80b73.jpg

The largest steakhouse chain in the world has unveiled its second outlet for Singapore at the newly-launched orchardgateway at the heart of the city’s shopping and dining belt. Named after the Australian Outback, this casual diner embodies the spirit of Down Under with flavourful food and friendly, attentive service at wallet-pleasing prices. Outback Steakhouse also has another flagship store at Millenia Walk where the Australian-inspired concept was first introduced in 2000.

 photo file_zps0c7e9068.jpg

 photo file_zps2c477a66.jpg

17 spices used to season the steaks. yes, seventeen.

 photo file_zps82076ad1.jpg

Perched on the mall’s fourth floor, the spiffy 150-seater is decked in a warm palette with contemporary wood furnishing, and proffers diners a sumptuous perspective of the bustling Orchard Road and the lively Emerald Hill. The restaurant’s decorative adornments reflect the “Quality, Freshness, Flavour” mantra with shelves of spice jars that flank the entrance.

The bar takes pride of place with a 7-seater counter from which patrons enjoy full view of the bar manager’s dexterous cocktail preparation using fresh fruits. An overhead ceiling-to-wall backdrop fashioned from zinc showcases an Aboriginal art-inspired wave-like design – a fitting backdrop for the restaurant’s watering hole!

 photo file_zps9a4b0452.jpg

 photo file_zpsf7bd2923.jpg


 photo file_zps2b71bb58.jpg

Started the dinner with some cocktails.

Apple Mojito S$12.90 (actual size is the tall glass) - Bacardi Silver rum, diced red apples, limes, mint.

Mojito lovers will sure love this!

 photo file_zps8fc2a4b2.jpg

Watermelon Margarita S$14.90 (actual size is the tall glass) - fresh watermelon, Jose Cuervo Silver Tequila, citrus juices, served in a sugar-rimmed glass.

For sweet lovers like me!

 photo file_zpsd4d72fbd.jpg

 photo file_zps128b675c.jpg

Strawberry Basil Lemonade S$13.90 Absolut Citron vodka, fresh basil and strawberries, fresh lemonade, Sprite.

The rest of my dining companions love this, I am the odd one out so i picked the Watermelon Margarita.

 photo file_zpsd83e65a0.jpg


 photo file_zpsfaf52be9.jpg

Spinach Artichoke Dip S$13.90 - spinach, artichoke, Monterey Jack cheese, Parmesan cheese. Tortilla chips.

Was pretty cheesy, I couldn't stop eating but I have to because there are many more dishes coming up for us to try.

 photo file_zps1c5aeaa0.jpg


All steaks will come with 2 of these sides, however you may top up any of these if you want.

 photo file_zps74b0a9b0.jpg

New on the menu is Sweet Baked Potato with honey butter and cinnamon sugar S$6.90, i personally strongly recommend this side! Could even pass of as a dessert for me!

Fresh Seasonal Veggies S$3.90

 photo file_zps5ca98338.jpg

Look at this accidental close up shot, very tempting.

 photo file_zps14ee9e53.jpg

Loaded Baked Potato S$6.90

 photo file_zps164234d5.jpg

Mashed Potatoes S$3.90 is slightly different form those out there. Not too thick & creamy, and it leaves you wanting more.

 photo file_zpscac4f5c1.jpg

Sweet Potato Fries S$5.90

 photo file_zpse08a6a52.jpg

Main Course

 photo file_zpsab197bed.jpg

Tilpia with Pure Lump Crab Meat S$27.90 is served with seasonal vegetables.

Tilapia, crab stuffing, pure lump crab meat, sliced mushrooms, lemon butter Chablis sauce, a simple fish dish is tempting like this.

 photo file_zpsc990f336.jpg

 photo file_zps5d70dbb7.jpg

Alice Springs Chicken S$25.90served with Aussie fries. 
Its flame-grilled chicken breast topped with sautéed mushrooms, crispy bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, Parmesan cheese, honey mustard sauce. Had taken this close up shot so that you can see the ''layers''. 

Initially we were skeptical about this dish, chicken breast sounds like we will have a hard time cutting and munching the meat but we were wrong. We were impressed that chicken breast can be so moist & tender. I am not a cheese person, but the cheese compliments the chicken breast well. My favourite of the night.

 photo file_zpsdd4b63fb.jpg

Outback steaks are truly special. Before each juicy, delicious steak is delivered to you, it is hand-selected, aged just right, inspected and trimmed. Then it is expertly seasoned and seared over a red hot grill to seal in its bold flavors. All steaks cooked to order. 

 photo file_zps54a81215.jpg

All steaks at Outback Steakhouse are dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days and it comes with 2 sides.

New York Strip S$36.90 is a 10oz thick-cut Strip steak, seared with their secret blend of 17 spices. That same 17 spices you see at the beginning of this post.

 photo file_zps6bdc5d57.jpg

For even more flavour (in my opinion, it is flavourful enough for me), you may add these to your entree:

Peppercorn Sauce S$1.90

Sauteed Shrooms S$2.90
Grilled Onions S$3.90
Grill Shrimp S$4.90

 photo file_zps511c907c.jpg

Baby Back Ribs - half S$19.90    full S$32.90 (picture above is full portion) served with fries.

These fall-off -bone pork ribs are exactly the way ribs should be. Succulent & saucy (I love the sauce, I would love to lick clean the bones, if not for my image in front of many people).

Each rack is smoked and flame-grilled to perfection, brushed in tangy BBQ Sauce and served with Aussie fries, however I personally feel that it might be too dry, you may request for a change in the sides. 

 photo file_zps31015928.jpg

Grilled Pork Chops S$24.90 served with Aussie fries.
2 centre cut, seasoned pork chops with orange marmalade by the side.

You got to try the orange marmalade, all of us love it. It has a hinge of spiciness which they had explained to us that it contains mustard.


 photo file_zps635bddee.jpg

Chocolate Thunder from Down Under S$14.90 already sounds sinful enough.
An extra generous pecan brownie topped with rich vanilla ice-cream, drizzled with warm chocolate sauce and topped with whipped cream & chocolate shavings.

Its thundery chocolaty,if there is such a description.

 photo file_zps32c2dd38.jpg

Carrot Cake S$9.90

I have to say this is so far the best carrot cake I had in terms of the freshness and softness of the cake. It is made up of deliciously moist layers of carrot cake with coconut & pecans, topped with a sweet vanilla cream cheese icing. While Chenyze is using her fork to slice this piece of carrot cake, I can already tell how soft and moist it is. I was right. My dining companion love this piece of cake too!

 photo file_zpsc6fddfb2.jpg

A cup of Dargjeeling to wash down all the sinful food we had for the night.

 photo file_zps831e907a.jpg

Thereafter we were presented with the above cards! I was touched by the lovely gesture.

1) The Birthday Card is redeemable once at Outback Steakhouse to enjoy 30% discount on total bill during birthday month. To be presented with Membercard and IC.

2) A S$40 card voucher for us to enjoy more good food!

3) Pirority Card holders are entitled to a 15% discount on purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages in all Outback Steakhouse restaurant in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.

    Card holders are entitled to avail of special prices on select promotions, including but not limited to lunch specials and limited time offers, subject to availability of special prices on such promotions.
    Card holders will be entitled to special promotions on food and beverages on a regular basis.

Promotions currently: 

Pay with your Citibank sredit card and get 20% off total bill.

Thank you Dilip for bringing me around the restaurant and the team from Outback Steakhouse, I had a wonderful dinner. 

Thank you Outback Steakhouse!