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Friday, September 30, 2011

Lovers Meet-up!

(Scheduled post)

Meet up with the lover for shopping and dinner. First time to the Orchard Exchange's Forever 21. 
We both tried on the same dress, very tight! 
Saw this cute, new bubble hair dye at Watsons.
Then we proceeded to have our dinner, which is near 9pm! Wanted to try Pique-Nique at Taka but their last order is like 8.45pm?! Headed to Pasta Cafe instead.
Mushroom soup for me
Salad for lover 
Lover's pasta & gratin
My pasta & gratin
Chose sambal fish
With seafood pasta

They have some set combos which consist of soup/salad, pasta & gratin for just $25! 

Pasta Cafe is located at:
391 Orchard Road
#B2-37, Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872
Opposite Mos Burger

Tel: +65 6734 1638

Something from the lover

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Old Navy + Dinner


Collected our Old Navy shoes from Angela the day before. 
Chewing gum from Saras, looks delicious yea?
Dinner with boyfriend at CCMW 201.
Dragoonfruit juice for him and honeydew+watermelon jucie for me!
Fu Rong egg! 
My Favourite! Curry Fishhead!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


(Scheduled post)

Desserts for the mouth & face 

I FINALLY found MBD's Earl Grey & Macaron mask! 

Yummy treats to end the night <3

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love from the US!

(Scheduled post)

Saras is finally back from her 2 weeks leave from US! Sometimes we can really talk, like 1-2 hours standing at one of our cubicle and chat non stop! :X Why like that! HAHA! Talking to her, I feel comfortable, well at least I can find someone in the office whom I can talk to, without feeling fake. Shall blog more soon :)
Chocolates from Saras!

And she also got me a make up pouch from Victoria's Secret! Love la! She saw this pouch and said ''I have to get this for her!'' She knows I am a pink person but she knows I will grow out of it as well (its just a matter of time!).
She is like a mummy/good friend always giving advices :D 

Monday, September 26, 2011

National Curry Day!

(Scheduled post)

Its National Curry Day today (if you are on facebook, you will know what is happening)! 
Planned to cook a pot of curry with boyfriend. Meet boyfriend at Tampines One for lunch, and groceries shopping.
Carl's Jr for lunch.
Strawberry Soya IceCream for dessert.
Ok, call me auntie but yes, I am one of those who queued up to get a free can of coke from Singtel. Because the queue isn't that long. :P
Shopping at Cold Storage!
Went back B's house and get down to work!
Boyfriend washed, marinated the chicken, cut the potatoes. I am like only busy taking pictures :D

All done with the help of B's mummy.
Curry. I LOVE LOVE LOVE CURRY! They are simply delicious <3
Yummy! All into our stomach leaving only bones & skin :D

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Orchard & Boyfriend's grandma's BD!

(Scheduled post)

Its Mr Bean accompanying me at work again :D
Took a bus from my workplace - Lorong Chuan to Far East Plaza, the journey only took 30 minutes! 

Pontian noodles for our lunch. Fill our stomach with food before we start shopping! 
Since our office shifted to Lorong Chuan, and since a new Wanton Noodles shop opened near boyfriend's house, I have stopped eating Pontian Noodles. 
After lunch, its time for some bubble tea at Ding Tea! It took over I Nuovi's unit. Too many bubble tea shops (claiming to be from Taiwan) opening nowadays. There is KOI, Gong Cha, Ding Tea, Share Tea, Drink Tea, Come Buy, and there might be a few more that I might not know after all. :P
No more pictures as we were too busy shopping, busy stuff, carrying lots of bags of shopping. Its been really long since I last shopped with a galfriend on a lazy afternoon like these. Seems to have lots of changes since I left Orchard. :(

Went to Boyfriend's uncle's house after my shopping.
Buffet spread right on the corridor!

They ordered buffet from Chilli Api Catering, and so true that 90% of their food has got chilli/curry.

Little Ryan peeking out, wanting so badly to go get some lime juice, and yes he loves lime juice! :P
Kueh Kueh!
My serving!
Boyfriend & I made some kueh pie tee!
Was playing a fool on the corridor -  making kueh pie tee, placing them nicely and photoshoot them, and his aunt came by and thought was a sample from the caterer :P

Little Ryan playing boyfriend's iphone. He saw how boyfriend on the airplane mode before passing the phone back to him, and little ryan off the airplane mode himself! How clever are the kids now.

Happy Birthday Grandma!
Very sour, frozen mango cake ><
All the grandchildren!