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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A day at Vivocity!

17th November 2010 Wednesday
Public Holiday - Hari Raya!
 Made breakfast for myself while waiting for baby to wake up! Its Wednesday and I do not have to work as it is a public holiday. After baby woke up, we decided to head to Vivocity.
Lunch at Marche. I love their Rosti!
We shopped around, for hamster food/stuff at PLC. PLC has became a must-go place for us as well as me & lover whenever we meet (or if there is a PLC nearby).
Dinner at Aoba. Shou-Yu (spelling?) Ramen is nice! Salty as it is a soya sauce based soup. Baby prefer their Shio (spelling?) Ramen. (because seldom people will have craving for soya sauce like me?)
Drank Gong Cha with baby. Earl Grey milk tea.
The dessert shop opposite Gong Cha is packed with people. 
Headed back to baby's place to rest and packed Boyboy's stuff. Sometimes i feel that he is so pampered that I want to be a hamster too :D

A very tiring day indeed! We spent 6-7 hours in Vivo! Walking, shopping all the way except lunch & dinner. Its been so long since we shopped like that and i love it.

16th November 2010 Tuesday
Lunch at Mos burger with the cute couple, Kim Kee & Wen Zhi.
I tried the Oriental Peanut Chicken Burger. Erm, its not nice. Shall stick with the usual ones in future.
Its a rainy day, whenever it rains and i am feeling cold, i will have cravings for steamboat! 
And the steamboat at Roxy Square is nice! (2 types of soup base - Tom Yam & Clear chicken soup) Not buffet though. We had the tom yam soup base. And it can be very expensive! Baby & I always spent about $60 on average for a steamboat dinner because we really ordered a lot.
Satisfied my steamboat & KOI craving in a day! Nice public holiday eve!

Bf baked pizza!

14th November 2010 Sunday
 Went back to work in the morning. Meet baby for lunch at Sushi Tei @ Tampines One.

During lunch, baby says he will be cooking dinner! <3*wide grin*

I love it when we pushed the trolley, strolling and discussing what to buy :D Nice & Sweet!
 In the end, he baked Smoked Turkey Breast and Sausage Pizza (with pineapple chunks)! Delicious!! How romantic - the 2 of us, pizza and beer!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Yakun + Love

Baby & I went to the airport the other day (I love going to airport, esp late at night for Yakun or Popeyes) for Yakun, as this silly boy is craving for Yakun's eggs! The eggs are disappointing! When i look at the eggs, ''unappetizing'' is the only word to describe.
Ordered Sarpino's pizza the other day for dinner. Really love this pizza! Domino's & Sarpino's are my favourite! I like thin crust pizza. (Baby baked a pizza last week! will post the 1 or 2 pictures soon-was too excited and busy eating, so, yea not much pictures)

Did not meet baby much these few days.. :( 
I felt neglected (not baby's fault), but i just feel that we are not spending much time together. While I was bathing, I was wondering, why is he ignoring me, did not reply my sms, or took half an hour to reply a sms. So, he actually went to buy KOI for me! So sweet!!!! 
Last time, when we chat on msn, i put a coffee bean frap pic as my display pic (because i was craving for that), then baby told me he need to do the dishes and will be right back. And he actually rode his bike to Century Square to get me the drink! Sweet much.. <333

oh my... i still have not do up my wishlist! Sorry ah fang!

Cutie little BoyBoy

 My 2nd love of my life - BoyBoy!
He is such a big boy and he is becoming cuter day by day!
I love to hold him in my palms and roar at him (not too loud). That day he was in his tank running about, i was making funny face and roaring at him, he suddenly stoned, stoned for a good 5 minutes or so? Took my phone and snapped many pictures of him! And we even have enough time for baby to take out his DSLR too!
 The above picture of boyboy in his hamhead, wasn't taken on the same day. Boyboy was sleeping in his hamhead and baby woke him up, and fed him treats immediately. And this silly boyboy, in his most drowsed state, still can eat with his eyes half closed!
Little cutie, Daddy & Mummy love u much!

When we were young

 Its been quite some time since i last touched my lappy :P 
Neglected it, as i was always using baby's, at his place. Today i went home straight after work, and promised ah fang that I will make a BD/Xmas wishlist for her so here i am.. but i diverted my attention to sorting out pictures in my hardisk.
Cutie pics i've found! My brother & I! I remembered how i used to love his cutie little hands & feet, because they are so small and cute!

Ok, I need to start on my wishlist! <3

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mummy;s Birthday

 5th Nov 2010 Friday
 Its a public holiday! Lunch with baby at Old Town & Yakun and present searching for my mum. Its her birthday, yes i am always so last minute.
 Went home after meeting baby for a couple of hours.
 Dinner with mum and brother at Xin Wang as she has some birthday vouchers.
 Happy birthday mummy!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Get to know baby's 2 campmates. They are fun people! 
The 4 of us played L4D2 and watched 'Buried' the other day at Cineleisure. This movie basically only show ONE scene. This guy in a coffin (6 feet underground?), with his mobile phone and lighter, trying ways & means to contact anyone out there (his wife, police), but ended up died in there as rescue did not come in time. Aww man.

We met up again the other day for Katong chicken rice and L4D2! Fantastic dinner, nice LAN shop, awesome game and company! First time i find that i like LAN shops, because its clean and nice! *satisfied much*
I wanna L4D soon!

Hui Mun's 21st

23rd October 2010 Saturday
Its my off-Saturday again! Lunch with baby at Tampines Mall's Fish & Co.
Shopping finally! Mad love! <3
Biore samples from TheSample Store.
Baby brought me toChangi for dinner - Dim Sum before heading to Hui Mun's birthday celebration.
NSRCC had changed so much after renovation! I love that place since years ago.
Door gift from Hui Mun - Made in Candy's candies! <3

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vivo with lover

20th Oct 2010 Wednesday
Went Vivocity with Xiaohan. Vivocity became our new hangout place as there is Daiso and PLC!
Dinner at Kim Gary.
We decided to give Gong Cha a 2nd chance, as ALMOST EVERYBODY is saying Gong Cha is nice. 
Ok, its nice. DO NOT TRY the house speciality. We tried it the first time round and its a wrong choice!
Ordered beddings and hamhead from Moo Moo (Singapore Hamster Club).
KFC at home with baby the evening before.

Goodbye Halloween :(

Well, Halloween is over :(( 
Had given it a miss, no dress up, no partying, no blood, no gore.
I will be back!