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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Parkway Steamboat

(scheduled post)

Steamboat dinner with bf at Roxy Square 1's foodcourt. The famous Parkway Steamboat, moved from Parkway Parade to Roxy Square.

I hate hawkers who are cocky. 
Food is getting more & more expensive. For a not filling steamboat, its about $30 per pax.
You will expect bad service from the staff and boss. 
This will be our last time here.

Yogurt to end the night.

As we part....


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ministry of foodieeee!

(scheduled post)

MOF @ NEX with LiKeng & XiaoHui after work! Its the first time meeting up with XiaoHui since she left the company! Now she is a mummy with a cutie son! Motherhood really completes a woman.
Mini complimentary hot tea
Hot Green Tea!

Nice food @ MOF!  Come to think of it, its my first time here! But at the end of the day, we smell :x 
This looks ultra delicious la! Can't resist, although we are way too cold, we went ahead and order 1 to share.
How huge is the dessert, how tiny is the green tea.

I forced them to take polaroid and causing LiKeng to miss her bus LOL!
 XiaoHui & LiKeng!
 LiKeng& Me!
XiaoHui & Me!

<3 <3

Monday, November 28, 2011

Its coming!

Its a cold and raining Monday! Was telling BFF what I want for birthday & christmas, so in the mood for Christmas now!

BELATED birthday dinner for me!

(scheduled post)

2 + months to my year 2011 birthday and somebody is giving me my 2010 birthday dinner treat! 
How bad!
So nice and sincere! :P
So, he put the blame on me for not meeting him.

Chatting about old times (more on suaning each other, talking about how ugly we looked like, during secondary school days, not that we are pretty/handsome now) while having dinner :D

We have our own life now, but I have not forgotten about you! I know you don't read my blog now, I just wanna say I cherish our friendship!
As I stepped into the working world, I turned and looked back to the friends whom I have known back in schooling days, they are the best! <3
But not forgetting the 2-3 friends I have known after I started working. <3 You guys are great too! (Just that the majority are -_- , I have wasted my time, but at least I realised it)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Domino's again!

(scheduled post)
Well, I know I have took Domino's pizza pictures for the 374654578928th time. 

Domino's for dinner again at bf's place.
Its 2 regular pizza, 1 personal pizza, 1 onion rings today!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

To the west


Received bad news early in the morning. So its journey to the west.

On the train back to the east.... 

If only I could see it coming... I would not have cared so much. Unappreciative. Bias.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Awfully Chocolate!

(scheduled post)
Part 2 of ZS's birthday 'celebration'
 Teo Heng with bf, ZS, Eme, Jasper! Bought Gong Cha there!
Then, bf & I secretly went to Awfully Chocolate and bought ZS's favourite cake.

Rich sinful cake.
The BD boy, acted cool when we surprised him. >_<
Maybe he is jumping in joy inside.
Next, Waraku for dinner.

Huge set!

Their Udon/Soba is superb! I love that QQ feeling.

My Cha Soba! I think I can eat this daily.

Left: My soba sauce
Right: Bf's soba sauce
I like it with wasabi!