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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chicken Hotpot

16th May 2011 Monday
Dinner with bf & bf's mummy

Had dinner with bf & bf's mummy at Chicken Hotpot. Its my 2nd visit there.
Whats in that pot?
Fried prawns, crispy fries (which turns soggy very quickly) and celery soaked in rich spicy soup. 
Whats in that pot?
Chicken, bell peppers and onions in this flavourful brown sauce. (goes very well with white rice! or maybe because i am a very rice person)

As you eat, you can get the staff to top up clear soup into the pot, thereafter you can buy vegetables, noodles, sausages, luncheon meat, tofu, mushrooms etc to put in the pot, like a steamboat! 

Chicken Hotpot - Bedok Point (2nd floor)

Belated Birthday Dinner for BF!

14th April 2011 Thursday
Belated Birthday Dinner for BF

Due to bf's surgery in March, I postponed his birthday dinner treat till April. Brought him to Melt @ Oriental Hotel (pardon me, the pictures are of poor quality as they are taken using my phone - did not bring my camera, as well as my polaroid D: )

 We reached the restaurant early, thats why its very quiet, empty and peaceful but not for long. Its almost full house! Considering its on a weekday evening, business is rather good!
Ok, shall let the pictures do the talking. (awww... the photos don't look that appetizing)

 The roast pork is not nice.

 They have outdoor dining, near the BBQ area.

 The BBQ food are not fantastic either.

 Cute napkin folded by the bf, wanted to tease the staff :x
 Now, my much awaited desserts time!
 The waffles & ice cream is very GOOD! 
 Well, for the rest of the desserts - nothing special.
 Bread & Butter Pudding
 And the surprise birthday cake prepared by the staff.

 They whipped out their camera and took a pic of us, developed it on the spot and pasted it on a birthday card signed by all the staff. So sweet of them!
 2nd serving of waffle & ice cream!

MELT - The World Cafe
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Tel: 68853082
The prices as follows:-
Weekdays Lunch Buffet (Mon – Sat) $56++
Dinner Buffet (Sun – Wed) $68++
Dinner Buffet (Thu – Sat) $78++

If I am not wrong, there is the BBQ food from Thursday to Saturday, therefore the price is higher. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hi-Tea Buffet at Lena's

14th May 2011 Saturday
Hi-Tea Buffet with lover @ NEX's Lena's
Pancake with cheese - looks gross but its nice!
Fondue - Mushroom, cheese, chocolate
<3 <3 <3 <3

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweetest Moments' Cupcakes

13th May 2011 Friday
Sandra's Farewell - Cupcakes from her
The cupcakes are so lovely! Mad love! Took lots of pictures of them, only upload a few here :D