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Monday, October 31, 2011


Nothing can describe my emotions for the past few weeks or rather months.

What have I done to deserve all these from EVERYONE of you?
You people couldn't treat me with respect. Respect me for who I am.

Lying on the bed, washing my face with tears... Thank you for all these treatment and disappointments.

I will be stronger.

And to the FEW who cares, thank you, it means a lot to me.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cramps at work

(scheduled post)

Having cramps at work :( 
Its TWG's Chamomile tea to the rescue!

Raining real heavily even taxis don't want to drive in to my office building so I had to walk out to hail a cab :(

Monday, October 24, 2011

Old Airport Beancurd!

(scheduled post)

First try on ComeBuy BBTea!

After work, meet boyfriend at Old Airport Road Hawker for dinner!

Queued for Lao Ban beancurd!
Durian Beancurd from 51 Beancurd. Not as smooth as Lao Ban's beancurd, taste kinda weird.

Back home, mummy just came back from her one night stay at MBS. TWG & Robert Timms from her hotel room :P

Saturday, October 22, 2011


(scheduled post)
Dinner at... ...
Restaurant Hoshigaoka at Eastpoint Mall. They closed down Jack's Place and opened this Japanese restaurant (also under the Jack's place group of restaurants - JP pepperdine)

Redbull Lime!

Had my favourite!

Nice & fresh salmon sashimi!

The reason why we dine at Eastpoint is... Because of Daiso! It opened today at Eastpoint. Mad excited & got to go on the very first day. If not, you will never see boyfriend having dinner with me here at Eastpoint. It would always be near his house. 
My buys from Daiso. A weird green tea which I had already thrown away, and a nail polish remover bottle. I regretted buying only one! It had been out of stock since the first week.
Green tea latte from starbucks before heading home. 

Cutie boy!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

BBQ Chicken!

(scheduled post)

Bought KFC egg tarts to office for breakfast! Tried the chocolate egg tart and i prefer the original one.
Chocolate from the mentee.

Dinner at Tampines One's BBQ Chicken after work.

The wings taste like Bonchon chicken!! I missed it so much! Those were the happier days..
Its Tuesday at Tampines One = 1-for-1 frolick!
Its some mangosteen juice at Coffee Club!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The last swim

(scheduled post)
Meet up with Siew Lan, Joycelyn, Yvonne.
The last swim at Joycelyn's place before she move out of her place in October, I will miss this place terribly much! So we make use of this chance to meet up! Its almost a year!
A beautiful & peaceful sunday!

Breakfast by the pool!
Into the clear clean pool! Yvonne did not join us in the pool as she was not feeling well.
Hey pretties!
Me in my new bikini! Polka dots <3

So the 3 of us in the pool, and Yvonne sat there and took a lot of our pictures plus some random pics!
My untidy stuff! 
Siew Lan's

Polaroids! The nicest ever with a beautiful pool view.
After suana & bathing, its back to Joycelyn's place for mooncakes & chit chat.

In Sec 2, when we got to know that we will be split into 3 different classes the next year, we sat in the last row of the school bus, cried al the way from our school in Tampines, to Science Centre.
How time flies, Yvonne & Siew Lan are married now! 
Back to boyfriend's place for dinner.

Plain drumlets are really plain.
Breadstix is very nice! Soft & fluffy!