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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Keisuke Tokyo & fireworks!

Last post for tonight! 
I am thankful for all the frustrating things that had happened that makes me stronger, and tested my patience, making me constantly remind myself that I should be thankful rather than complaining. Start of the 11 days from tonight! 

Dirty mirror :x
Headed to this Japanese Ramen Restaurant, quite authentic! 
Every person will be given this piece of paper to indicate what you want to order, flavour of the soup & what ingredients you do not want in your ramen! Especially for bamboo shoots, leek & spring onions! 
Instructions :D
The friendly manager served us throughout our meals, so friendly and makes me want to fly to Japan now to have some ramen & sushi. o.o!! She brought us this whole tin of beansprouts! I do not know how to eat these. So new to me. 
So, I decided to be brave and not scare of being embarrass, because I might be eating the wrong way. Took a bit of beansprouts & put it n my side plate, and start eating :x 
Eating halfway I thought ''maybe it is meant to be put in the ramen?? never heck! just eat!''
Provide beansprouts & bonito flakes for ramen topping. Luckily a Japanese lady came and sat beside us, she ate the beansprouts my way hohoho! *heng ah*
Tonkotsu ramen with chashu SGD$14
Shoyu ramen with egg SGD$13
Shoyu soup base is nicer! Maybe I had always prefer shoyu because it is soy sauce base!
Chicken teriyaki SGD$8 - so so.
Will be back to eat their famous crab stock ramen as they ran out of it that day :( 
Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo
9 Raffles Boulevard #P3-02 Millenia Walk 

My pledge! 123!!

Saw the NDP rehearsal's fireworks! 

And then after the NDP rehearsal finished, we saw another round of fireworks but I don't know where is it from.

Padang maybe?? :D

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