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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Joann's Farewell Steamboat, Ifah's Wedding

Hello! In my new Hollyhoque Crochet dress! 
Look slimmer today so camwhored a lot.

Don't want to look too casual but I don't want to dress too formally.. So I wore a tank top and a shorts underneath the crochet dress, 

My cute neighbour! Picture taking to forget our hunger while waiting for the rest to arrive.

Mushroom Pot buffet for Joann's farewell. 
Its been a year since she joined us and I trained her a year ago. How fast time flies.

Yuan yang. Chicken & Ma La.
Yummy teriyaki scallops

All these are for the cooked food, as for raw food, no pictures sorry, I was too busy talking & eating but raw food are the usual steamboat stuff la. 
Aden's leather underwear o.o
Failed! Joann's head is cut off. LOL.
MUAHAHAHAH! So badly taken!
Off to Ifah's wedding after that. 

Bought a hot pink FBT shorts! 

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