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Saturday, July 21, 2012

MOF at Tampines One!

and SJ!

Every start of the day, start of a new post, I have to camwhore/post camwhore pictures #dafug

Egg tart from the TL from Serangoon Gardens! YUMMY!
Soft, warm, yummy!
While waiting for the FOREVER-MUST-LATE guy. O.O!
Pictures taken outside MOF (Tampines One new outlet).

Chicken (or is it Pork?) Katsu Bento. Fried Chicken/Pork cutlet with eggs, mushroom, onion servied in rice box. SGD$10.80
Beef curry hot-plate. Sliced beef cooked in japanese curry with carrots, potatoes & onions. SGD$11.80
Unagi rice ball.Fried rice with unagi. SGD$4.80
This is nice! All of us like it! It taste everything like Fried Tofu but its rice with unagi. (Say might as well don't say, but its nice and not expensive)
Seafood yaki udon. Stir fried udon with mixed seafood, mushroom & vegetables. SGD$12.80
(Nothing special, and not worth the price)
Bibimbap diced chicken hot-ston rice. Diced chicken teriyaki, beansprouts, sliced cabbage & egg yolk in hot-stone rice. SGD$12.80
(Not nice either)
Salmon Mayo. Rice ball with black sesame seeds & salmon mayo fillings. SGD$3.80

Bacially, the food AND SERVICE is disappointing :( I strongly recommend MOF to them and end up I feel embarrassed for making them eat some not-nice Japanese food. After eating the main course and about to order desserts, I told them that the desserts will not be disappointing! I swear by their desserts. Not as in really to die for, but comparing the price & the quality we get, seriously it is VERY GOOD!! Eme loves it too when I recommended her to Lenas & then MOF! MUAHAHAH! Ay MOF should give me some vouchers or whatever, support them like every month. 
Chocolate Sundae. Chocolate ice cream and soft serve with chocolate sauce, fruits, flakes, kanten jelly and waffle biscuit. SGD$8.80
Mango Sundae. Mango ice cream & soft serve with mango sauce, fruits, cornflakes, kanten jelly and waffle biscuit. SGD$8.80
Macha Kakigori. Imported japanese macha sauce on crushed ice, topped with hokkaido red bean and soft serve. SGD$6.80
(This is a very very big portion, maybe because ice is cheap!) 2 can share.
HAHAH! Like a tiny banana. o.o
Hot macha latte SGD$3.80
Can choose between sweetened or non sweetened. We chose sweetened to share. The ALWAYS-LATE OLD MAN wanted non sweetened. OMG how to drink! I won, we chose the sweeten one. 

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