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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Qun Zhong Eating House - Xiaolongbao, MBS, Ichiban Sushi

Off to Qun Zhong Eating House for lunch! 
The restaurant don't accept reservations so you have to go there early to queue. I reached there at 12pm and there is about 3 groups of people in front of us, but its just happened that when it is our turn, we waited for quite some time :( 
So by the time we get seated and food is served, it is about 12.40pm. Famished. 

Qun Zhong has re-opened for business on 9th February 2012 after months of renovation! Yay! I got to know this restaurant before f the very long queue! Then I heard from my colleague that there is this restaurant that serve very nice xiao long bao, always long queue, and only accept CASH. I think it should be Qun Zhong, so i got to try! 

Menu is in chinese, english & japanese, and I noticed 50% of the cutomers there are Japanese! How cool! 

Chinese tea SGD$1 per pax, towel SGD$0.60, peanuts SGD$1 are served automatically. There is a can of ginger on the table with vinegar and such, and there is this on the menu that says ''extra can of sliced ginger SGD$3'' WOW. Eat so much?
Hot & sour soup SGD$3 - portion just nice to share between 2 person and it is very appetizing and yummy! Try if you like hot & sour soup!
I am not really a fan of gyoza, guo tie, because of the porky kind of taste but I want to say, this is also a must try! 
Pan-fried minced seafood & pork dumpling SGD$10 for 8 pieces. It is sweet and the pan-fried kind of taste, with the cripsyness of the skin is awesome! I ate a lot of these! Normally I will only take 2 gyozas or guo ties, but this is really good stuff.
There is also a boiled version (it stated boiled instead of steamed in the menu), sounds healthy yea?
Little juicy steamed dumplings/xiao long bao SGD$7 for 7 pieces. 
We order 1 portion and the China waitress told us that we can order more because we got to wait for quite a while if we place our order again, there is bascially nothing much in the menu (except noodles and a chinese pizza that we did not order), the rest are all almost the same, pan-fried/boil dumpling, vegetarian dumplings, so we order another portion of steamed dumplings/xiao long bao trusting that it should be good. Looking at the constant long queue, and this shop had been around for many many many years. 
There are 3 types of chinese pancakes (desserts), Red Bean, Lotus Seed Paste, and Yam Paste. We chose the traditional Red Bean Paste Pancake SGD$9, quite expensive right? We were too full and can only eat half of it. 
Qun Zhong Eating House
21 Neil Road

After I grown up, and had tried more Japanese restaurants, Sushi Tei, Ichiban, etc, I really find that Sakae Sushi's sushi sucks real badly. I wonder how did I managed to collect those $300? worth of receipts within a few months in order to get the membership o.o!
During my Poly days, I always head to Sakae buffet (3-6pm?) with Poly mates. To think that my daily allowance is only SGD$5!


Had my usual Cha Soba.

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