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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Saizeriya & desserts!

I am home early today to catch up on my posts (I finished June 2012 posts and I am proud). I don't know why but I quite enjoy blogging, maybe because I get to see the thousands of photos everytime I switch on my laptop. I am still trying my very best to speed up, take short-cuts so that I can be very updated and maybe I will blog like 4 times a month, one post will be a whole week's of goodness (if I eat good food daily). 

Its coming to the end of July 2012 soon, time flies! August will be a month full of changes/exciting stuff etc. I hope that the changes will be for the better. Will blog more on that when the time comes (in about 1-2 weeks time!). Had also started to read The Secret, and I am glad that B bought this book for me, it makes me happier. Suddenly I found myself grown up, ok, aged I mean. I am still very bad tempered, I still curse and swear everyday, maybe not out loud, but at least, silently. But I am beginning to feel/to be thankful for all these people & things i have met/came across. (I talk like a New Year Resolution or concluding the whole year like that. o.O 

Brother woke up early to try make pancakes, from scratch (from flour, buttermilk etc)
He used HappyCall and I spread it with Nutella!

Walked a long way to this coffeeshop that sells nice Vegetarian BeeHoon according to Fang, so i had to try. This, only for $2, yummy moist beehoon, the 'vegetarian goose'/ zai er/ that brown fried thing is very big piece and the uncle packed them separately in a plastic bag so that it is still crispy when you tuck in your beehoon.
Simei Eating House
139 Simei Street 1
B bought this very yummy puffs!! 

Off to Saizeriya for dinner! (again) 
Its a Japanese-Italian restaurant selling really cheap/affordable food! *thumbs up* 
Grilled spicy chicken wings
SGD$3.90 (4 pieces)
SGD$7.70 (8 pieces)
We regretted ordering 4 pieces only.

Oven grilled escargot SGD$5.80
Escargots in special garlic butter

It is so good and cheap that we had to order another one.
And so, we had to order another set of chicken wings. LOL! Good things come in pairs.
Free salad if you order a set meal that comes with a free flow drink too! Add SGD$3.90 for this salad & free flow drink.
Shrimp Doria SGD$5.80
Fresh shrimp with white sauce tasty baked rice.

Its like a claypot rice minus the burnt taste. Those crispy rice will stick to the bowl.
The prices are very friendly right? Like a student meal. :D 
But there is this woman working in the restaurant with a very very bad attitude.
Saizeriya Ristorante E Caffe (Liang Court)
 177 River Valley Road, #02-22 Liang Court 

Headed to Dulcet & Studio (for the 63548th time! :P ) I simply love this place, so far I only had cakes there, but not the main course. I will go back for their main course again soon! 

A Mont Blanc (or Mont-Blanc aux marrons, Italian: Monte Bianco) is a dessert of puréed, sweetened chestnuts topped with whipped cream. The name comes from Mont Blanc, as it resembles a snow-capped mountain. (Taken from Wikipedia) 
Spot the chestnut.
The crepe wrapped the pudding, and I was given a caramel sauce or something to drizzle over the crepe.
These 2 desserts above cost about SGD$6 each.

Dulcet & Studio
177 River Valley Road 1st floor just opposite Mcdonalds (You can't miss it)

SGD$108 for a box of oranges??
Stolen from my colleagues' instagram! So cute right? Just like a boss, makes me miss BoyBoy so much.
These 2 people waited for ages for a cab! For 2 hours, I randomly went to the window to peek downstairs and for 2 freaking hours, they are standing there. Occassionally when there is a cab, the cab will wind down the window, after a few talks exchanged, the cab drove off. A few cabs somemore. Makes me so curious, where they want to go??
The cute neighbour gave me a box of masks which she got from Taiwan! YAY!
Polaroids from the day before!

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