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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Brunch, hair extension, running errands.

Headed to Kith Cafe for brunch! 

I had Big Breakfast SGD$14.
It includes toasts (you can choose from a few types of toast), bratwurst, bacon, eggs (you can choose your type of eggs too), mushrooms and grilled tomato.
What I like is, there is no additional charge if you choose poached eggs, I like! So far for all the brunch places i went to, Pique-Nique, Antoinette etc, if you want to change your egg to poached eggs, there will be an additional charge. The bratwurst is awesome! A very filling breakfast!

Kith Cafe 
9 Penang Road #01-01E Park Mall

Vintage cars @ Orchard Central!

Looks weird right!
My favourite! A cute Volkswagen mini bus/van?
My favourite place for desserts currently is at MOF! 
Shiratama Kurizen SGD$6.80
Mini matcha zen combo - SGD$8.80
My new hair! I think I look prettier with long curls! Permanent perms won't attain this result right? :(
Can't wait to grow my hair long again!
Much camwhore that day!

Kim Gary for some instant noodles, toast and drinks!
Honey lemon Ai-yu jelly ice SGD$4.50
Sweetened condensed milk & butter toast SGD$0.90
The chinese name for this is cute! ''奶油多'' Butter Toast pronunciation.
Nissin soup noodles with sliced beef SGD$6.20
Some buns from Provence. Love this shop. Its first shop is at Holland Village and the feel/ambience is superb! 
Coffee Cinnamon SGD$1.50 & Wassant Chocolate/kaya/custard SGD$0.70 each.

17A Lorong Liput Holland Village 
Singapore 277731 

Some shopping!
And collected my lens from the seller! 

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