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Monday, July 2, 2012

Expo Food Fair!

This post shall end my May posts!
Decked in a new romper from Ru to Expo Food Fair!

Some healthy food first.
Trying out udon from the new japanese stall in the canteen!

At the food fair:

Custard buns! But not nice at all.

Yeeks, compare this to the Victor's Kitchen one that I had, a few days ago.
Chawanmushi using Cordyceps egg.
Chocolate Lava Cake!

Creme Brulee!!

Bought some red bean dumplings for mummy.
Tuna, chilli sauce!
Sausages! OMG I have to say these are the best sausages you can find in supermarket. Be it you pan fry, or boil, or have it for steamboat, the skin is still crunchy! 
This brand is under Tay's brand (the seaweed chicken brand!) 
Mummy steamed one dumpling immediately after I got home! 


Red Bean dumpling &
strawberry swiss roll for breakfast!
Ice Milo ga dai (extra condensed milk)!
Took urgent leave today as mummy is feeling very very giddy with slightly high high-blood pressure. 
So I took care of her, brought her to the doctor and bought food for her. 
And I did some household chores, its my first time operating the washing machine. :O

Cooked some rice, went out and got us dinner! Thought that it would be a quick one, so I did not bring any brolly and OMG horror, it was raining cats & dogs when I was done with my buyings. So I bought another brolly from Giordano. Sucks. I did not close the windows, and left mm sleeping at home, and I am stranded at Eastpoint! 
The luggage I bought from Taka Fair is here a few days ago! Finally took a picture of it. Half my height! It weighs about 5-5.5kg, I thought it is rather heavy already... 
and lover got a 11kg luggage , OMG DAFUQ?! 11kg luggage? Means cannot go shopping already. Sure will exceed the weight limit for the airline. o.o 

Back to work!

Peanut butter swiss rolls.
Oreo Cappucino!
Yogurt. All these for breakfast!

Its been so long since I had cheesecake from Fiesta! 

Headed for IPL!
Lying on bed, also have to camwhore a little!
Went for a haircut at Hairsecrets - which I don't like. Hairdressers who never listen to what customers want, sucks badly. And why do I keep meeting such hairdressers? 
Shopping at Watsons!
Bought a hair serum & the deep cleansing shampoo from TSUBAKI, hope that they are good! 

Ok, Finally completed this long post! Will continue with June, hopefully tomorrow!

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