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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Many randomness! (Menya Musashi, TCC, Snacks, Sweet Treats)

I am going to fast forward a little, so I will be posting many photo colleges! Unless I find the picture very interesting then I will talk a bit. If not, enjoy the pictures!

Favourite TCC's Aglio Olio! Had waited a year! 
TCC will always have the 1 for 1 main course & pasta during GSS season! Last year I had my fill! This year I am going back there again! Call me kiasu but why not! It is not cheap, SGD$20 for Aglio Olio, even with the 1 for 1, bill will still come up to SGD$25 , with iced water. (all the GST, service charge etc) I can have all the pasta I want and not feel that much pinch n my wallet.

Redeemed my Starbucks on the very last day of my voucher!

KPL's last day, and so she gave us this egg tarts!
Something scary below!
My bareface. Ok you can say its very bad etc etc etc, I don't care. But I just want to say and rave that I am very happy with my face now, although it can be improved. I had been going for facials for one whole year now, and I feel that my face is cleaner, the scars are not that red anymore, although I still have large pores but it takes time. One year for me to see lightened scars, smoother face, I am very happy already! I am thankful that I have chanced about The Face Chapter / Tina online! She is 4 years younger than me, and she did a good job to my face. Job is not plastic surgery or what. Its pampering my face, taking care of it, constant whatspping me asking how is my face, nagging me to remind me to apply the cream and such. Much love! People come and go in my life, and I am thankful that we have crossed each other's path. 
She is not only my facial therapist, she also helped me to book my hair cut/hair treatment sessions from the salon downstairs. Of course, needless to say, she intro me to the salon, and I am very happy with the salon and her recommendation! I will come to that again. 
Oh and the facial is home-based and she is not pushy at all! After my first facial with Tina, she told me to go for facials every 3 weeks, I can go to my other beauty salons, no need to go back to her, just that (she said it with care & concern) for my face at that point of time, I have to go for facials every 3 weeks. And so I went back to her! I know she will treat my face real good, and now I am happy! I am now seeing her once a month! Every session is a great gossip and laughing session <3
Another disturbing picture! Magiclean wiper sheets are awesome. Ok, random.

Headed to Menya Musashi at Raffles City after reading all the raves online. They are opened since April 2012, if i am not wrong, and since its been quite a while since they opened, I decided to give it a try, maybe the queue is not that ridiculous. I passed by Menya Musashi at about 6.45pm? and there is no queue, so I went upstairs to do some shopping at Marks & Spencer first. I headed down at about 7pm and what I saw is ... ... ... 
Constant blaming myself while I wait in the queue, but lucky thing is it took only about 30 mins for us to get seated! So I think it is still ok, I travelled all the way here to have this, I don't want to settle for some other food! :P

They have 3 types of soup base: White, Black(I heard the waitress told the other customers that this is a soup base made with fermented onion and crushed garlic that has been fried to a deep dark colour that gives the soup its signature black colour) & Red (spicy). 
And basically only 2 variety of the meat in the ramens: Kakuni Ramen (SGD$14.90) & Cha Su Ramen (SGD$12.90). 
We ordered a White Cha Shu Ramen & a Black Kakuni Ramen. 
White chashu ramen: pork belly which is marinated in soy sauce and creamy soup base which comprises mostly pork broth and fish broth.

I had the black kakuni ramen, I had a thing for black thats why. As I grow older, I ate all kinds of fatty meat.
Black kakuni ramen: tender and juicy braised pork in the black soup (read the black soup description above). 

I prefer the kakuni! Pork is really juicy and tender! 
Well, but for both the soup, it is not worth the queue (for me), soup is thicker than the soups we always had for ramens in other restaurants. So it really depends on your liking. I thought I could finish the whole bowl but I was wrong, maybe the soup is too thick, that after eating half of the bowl of ramen, I felt quite full. 

Gyoza (SGD$5.90 for 5 pieces) is nice though.  

B bought this love for me!! YAYYYYY HAPPY MUCH!

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