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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Twelve Cupcakes & Hi Tea!

Came home early to catch up on my blog! Missed a few days because I was too tired. This week was real bad at work, basically I sat down and wouldn't start work till 10.30am. Or maybe I did start a little bit of work in pilot mode. O.O 

The same picture but with Instagram's filter :D
Walked miles to get Vegetarian Bee Hoon for my family! Nice & cheap, its only SGD$2!

A treat from the new boss! 
Passed by Twelve Cupcakes, so I guess I have to buy some right! Normally I will go for the specials, and ignore the dailies. 
Salted Caramel, it looks drenched right!
Green Tea
Hi-Tea at Octa Hotel!
Guess what is this!

Its Cafe Au Lait (SGD$7.80)
Sounds Atas but basically it is Coffee with Milk. :D
Creme Brulee! (SGD$9.80)
Silken custard delicately flavoured with their signature royal milk tea and torched top layer of cripsy caramelized sugar.

So the caramel was burnt with fire to make it harden/crystalised, it is like burnt sugar, so it is bitter. Its too bitter for B :P 

Hi-Tea set! (SGD$12.50)
Orange swiss roll, Warmed butter scones

Ricotta cheese canape topped with sweet pears
Coffee flavoured chocolate tartlet

You know there is this coffee/chocolate cookies sold in the supermarkets, this tartlet taste like those but its more intense. 
Back home to bake some Huat Kuehs, to bring to the temple the next day to pay respect to grandma & grandpa! :D Excited! Hope it turns out well, mummy said that when baking Huat Kuehs, you cannot mumble bad or negative words or whatever. MUAHAHA! 
TADAH!!! The end product!

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