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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Desserts, FullHouse

I just came back from BFFs' birthday dinner/gathering/celebration! Will blog more on that again :x 
Me again :P 
All the love from Na from Korea & Taiwan!
The usuals... This time, its from Sherraine, my cute neighbour at work! MUCH LOVE!

Spot the longan! 

Awesome Chocolate Lava Cake from Chocolate Origin! Everytime I say ''awesome awesome'', I can also hardly describe what that 'awesome' means. MUAHAHA Must try it yourself. 
Anyway Chocolate Lava Cake is selling at SGD$5. 
Its warm chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream - all in a cup. SHIOK.
Satisfied, ok, headed to Fullhouse @ Rendezvous Hotel for more desserts! 
So pretty!
Everybody is taking pictures NON STOP. This group of girls (the rest are sitting on the sofa), took pictures for like at least 15 minutes, NON STOP. 

Soda Grape Peppermint SGD$6.90 on the left, Honeydew Milkshake SGD$7.90, doesn't taste like a milkshake at all. Its like milk with honeydew flavouring. 
Single scoop ice cream with waffls SGD$6.90. Most of the patrons are there for the ice cream waffles. Order took really long to arrive because they only have 1 waffle maker.

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