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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Daily life with lots of food

Posting as much as possible. I took an average of 1500 pictures on my iphone per month. :O
I shall not talk about daily life, i will just post pictures unless its some new food that I have tried. Hopefully it will save me some time. I planned to sleep at 10pm tonight! 

Seaweed peanut snack from Taiwan.

LOL Mum's emoji always cracks me up.
B surprised me with this! Yumz soft hokkaido cake with vanilla cream.

Love & Joy
Saw this on my Twitter feed. How fail can it be?
Those days i feel a little slimmer. Then.. I gained back the weight FML.
Madness every morning.
My breakfast.

OMG I finally got to try KrispyKreme! Brought all the way from KL! MUCH LOVE! Taste so yummy even its 2 days old? 
After seeing the raves about a year ago, I finally came to try! 
There are samples of many different waffles displayed on the glass shelf (it states that no photography allowed, so I am a good girl, did not take picture of the samples), but well I just want to say the waffles came, looking so different from the display samples. Those were made nicely, with love. The waffles that I ordered, they just stuffed the ingredients and fold the waffle.
Ok, the above picture, I took from google images, I think its a Straits Times picture. See the honey stars waffle, this is the one I am talking about. :( 
White Choco Loops SGD$1.50
SCS butter and corn waffle, they emphasized its SCS butter but does not taste like it. Wrong choice because my whole waffle is drenched with the smelly melted butter.
B had chicken sausage & egg noodles SGD$4.50, which is ermm worse than our home-cooked instant noodles. 
Cheese Fries SGD$4
The Waffle Factory
10 Jalan Eunos Road, #B1-03 Singapore Post Centre

I had a surprise! HEHE <3 Lychee Cupcake.

The nicest Red Velvet I have got!

New Heartsplenty cardigan from HH!

Swissbake pastry from cute neighbour!
I am dead tired! Will try to blog again tomorrow! :D

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