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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saturday at Jimmy monkey, Vivocity!

OMG I am still 1 month behind time! 

Mummy bought me chee cheong fun before I head out.
B brought me to Jimmy Monkey and god is not helping us, the sky turns dark almost immediately once we stepped out of the building! 
Went back into the building when it start to drizzle but stopped after 10 mins! Great! Chop Chop & headed to Jimmy Monkey! B heard that it serves good coffee here!

Since they said the coffee is good, I have to order a ice latte, which turns out quite good :D
Order a salmon pasta but the pasta is rather dry :( 
B said my pasta is served with pubic hair >_<
His food came with pubic hair too! YAYYY!
The mushroom is good! 
Headed to Vivocity to watch fireworks, not much picture because I took the pictures many many times and everytime its the same. So.. :D
Bought Ovomaltine from Candy Empire! 

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