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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Once a month thingy: Facial!

OMG my internet connection is driving me crazy! My Starhub internet sucks, so I borrow the Singtel Tongle Mobile Broadband from babysis, and the connection sucks so badly, much much worse than when i was out with my lappy in a cafe outside :(
I just wanna catch up more on my post!

New top! 

The world might be coming to an end soon, the skies are so nice everyday that I have to take pictures!

All the snacks I brought to the office!

I recently had a lot of Qi Ji, so now its a change. Lee Wee Brothers nasi lemak for lunch!

And I love the chicken from BBQ Delights! 

Tried a new & more expemsive facial today! Read above, like delicious & pampering to my face! 
Looks weird! 
Camwhore while Tina went to prepare the mask! HEEEE! 

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