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Friday, June 29, 2012

I will try to squeeze a few posts in one day, ermm but not today :x 

I always feel that beautiful skies are a sign of tragedies.

DIY nails! 
Goodbye old nail colour.
New nail colour! Love the tiffany blue with glitters.

Mee pok aglio olio!

YEEEKS mee pok with lots of tabasco!
Headed to Takashimaya's luggage fair! Being waiting for this for ages! My old luggage, one of the wheels came off once I reached Taipei from Taizhong during my last trip :(  
Must be the loading and unloading of luggage into the car everyday, but I enjoyed myself though its tiring,
So I want to get a bigger luggage to replace my old one. 
My old one is not enough for Taipei, I always ended up having a bag of hand carry stuff.
Popped by Maison Kayser to get some expensive bread, heard the raves so I want to see how good they are. Fang is right, last time when people used to say ''No money, lets eat bread!'', now even the breads are expensive. 
Chocolate croissant - SGD$5.04 before GST! 
Plain white bread for family!  SGD$3.55 before GST!
More breads at the bottom, photos got jumbled up. 
Dinner at Resto Surabaya!
Ayam Penyet Surabaya with the very spicy chilli! Nice! ''Got Kick''!
I forgotten the name of this dish but it is smashed beef(very tender) with sweet sauce, this is very nice!! I am craving for it while blogging :( 
Easy to chew, I always avoid beef because I would get tired of chewing, and spit everything out, but this is different. the chilli and sweet soya sauce that goes with it, is awesome too!
Resto Surabaya
14 Scotts Road, #05-26/26A Far East Plaza
NICE RIGHT! I got tempted when I was at Ion Basement 4, so I order 1 to try.
I love soft serve! SGD$2.50 for plain, SGD$3.50 for matcha flavour.
Hokkaido Soft Ice Cream
Ion Basement 4
And now, the bread. 
Left: Earl Grey Tea Bread (The Orange)
Right: Cranberry Bread (Seigle Cranberry)
Earl Grey Tea Bread (The Orange)
SGD$3.45 before GST
Cranberry Bread (Seigle Cranberry)
SGD$5.04 before GST. 
Basically, their bread, nothing amazing to me. Not worth the price. 
Bought this for myself & babysis!

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