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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Expo & Changi City Point!


Off to expo to look for mummy!
For breakfast! 

4 years OMG!!! 
Shopping before i hopped onto the train to Expo!
Finding mummy & shopping at Changi City Point.
Early dinner alone :( 

Buying dinner for brother! 
I am a really good sister! I dote on my brother a lot! Really! 
When he was a young boy (2-3 years old), mummy carried him in her arms, and I walked beside her to cross the road (Jaywalked). Brother's slippers slipped and dropped in the middle of the road, I dashed back to take the slippers, risked my life ok? :p Mummy screamed at her loudest LOL! 
Ok, maybe the slippers are too small & cute to be run over by the cars, but I dote on him a lot too. :P 

Home & feeling tired!

Courtesy of my company! Redeemed Polar vouchers for some swiss rolls! :D

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