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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hock Lam Beef Kwey Teow, MOF Desserts, Arts Fest 2012!

Still feeling a little not well but going out for a dinner & some desserts can cure! 

A brand new month again! Time passes too quickly!

Hock Lam Beef Kwey Teow! Something hot and non-spicy for the stomach. :D My second time here!
The first time I had coarse bee hoon (laksa type), but I was wondering, ''since the name of the shop is called HOCK LAM BEEF KWEY TEOW, and all the newspapers articles that was hung up on the walls of the shop are all on kwey teow, I should try kwey teow today instead of my favourite coarse bee hoon!'' 

My bowl of beef kwey teow. Personally I still prefer coarse bee hoon instead! Maybe I am a coarse beehoon lover, but it taste nicer instead of kwey teow (tasted a bit bland though)

949 Upper Serangoon Rd

Lots of people!
Need some desserts to curb my cravings. :P
Its to MOF @ My Izakaya! ( I've the membership card!) 
Soft serve ice cream with azuki beans & mochi!
Matcha IMO!!
It is a hot & cold dessert. The sweet potato & yam is deep fried, topped with Azuki Beans, served hot with Hokkaido Milk base soft serve ice cream, drizzled with Green Tea syrup! Note that smaller cup at the side is more of the Green Tea syrup! 

The dessert comes with a little note teaching you how to enjoy the dessert fully - ''Scoop a bit of everything, and then eat them together!'' 
My free pot of hot green tea! Love the pot & mini cups! 
Saw this at the Arts Fest 2012! The horse is very well-tamed! 

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