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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saizeriya, desserts, coffee, desserts, egg tarts!

Blogging this with a very frustrated mood although this should be a happy post - full of food (you can see form the title)! 
I am so pissed off by Starhub's connection by it my mobile's 3G or my house's broadband. They don't seem to work at all. 

In my new Cotton On FishTail/HighLow dress! Comfortable, pretty & flowy!
Hair is in a mess! Have to go to the salon soon!! 

Bought a pair of white lacy shorts for weekends wear!

In a super good mood today! And I realised I love taking pictures even more now! I had always loved taking pictures and was the first among all my friends to have a digital camera (when digital camera was first launched) thanks to my daddy. He loves buying gadgets for us. He bought 1-3 digital camera and there is a panasonic one which is very slim and is also a MP3 player. Nice & cool! Thereafter, Kelvin bought 2 Sony digital cameras for me. Then I got tired of carrying heavy bags and now with my iphone4, I take pictures almost everywhere (believe me, I even took pictures of my poops before!). Now my heart is on the Olympus Pen! OMG! 

Ok, anyway to continue blogging first! I had lunch at Saizeriya. 
Many should have heard of Saizeriya - a cheap & nice Japanese chain of Italian restaurant. Cheap, meaning for an average of about $15, you can be satisfied. You will never believe, I had wanted to come here since 3-4 years ago. You can never imagine my joy (may sound ridiculous) when B said we are going to Saizeriya today! WOOOHOOO!
I had 2 portions of salad!

Bacon & mushroom risotto, quite tasty! Its like chinese Mui Fan from Zhi Char stalls. 
Seafood spinach spaghetti for me! 
And this........ is something you have to order if you have the chance to step in here. I personally seldom take seashells kind of food. Mussels, clams, Gonggong, escargots.... I at most take only 1 mussel and the 2nd one onwards makes me feel like puking. 
But we order 2 plates of escargots because its damn good. The garlic & butter is so good that i cleaned up the plates.
See! I wiped out all the garlic. :P
This whole meal cost us $29+! $15 per person for salad, free flow drinks, wings, escargots & main course!
 177 River Valley Road, #02-22 Liang Court 
180 Kitchener Road, #B2-55/56 City Square Mall

Happy, satisfied and headed to Meidi-Ya! My favourite Japanese supermarket! Camwhore at the tidbits section :D

Next we stopped for some desserts! OMG... They are so pretty & yummy that I could eat 10!

This is a chiffon chocolate cake with a little bit of cream in the centre.
This raspberry puff is orgasm, i swear! 
This is like a food excursion.

Decided to pop in to Five & Dime for a cuppa coffee in the afternoon! Its a pretty cafe, my kind of cafe to quietly sit down, lost in my own thoughts, with coffee & a piece of cake. 
No pictures of the view outside, because its dirty, dusty road, with SBS buses, cars, noisy bikes.

Five & Dime
297 River Valley Road
Talking about the address, its is very near Oxley Road and so I decided to go to Oxley Road to take a look at LKW's house :X 
Actually it is far from what I have expected. I thought it would be grand & pretty, but I see nothing but high walls and plants. But I could see from the roof that it is a very old house. The houses around his, are much nicer! There are 2 guards standing outside his house, and prevented me from walking near his house HAH! They told me to cross opposite and walk on the pavement. :P

Passed by Le Cafe Confectionery & Pastry.
Really love their beancurd tarts, brother loves them too! So I popped by and asked if they are closed. I dislike talking to them or going to the shop late as I find that they have attitude problem. Bought from them 2-3 times, and I always get attitude problem from a auntie. This time, I went in and a lady told me they are actually closed but since they are still there doing some work, and there is still some tarts left, so I get to buy! No smile, no attitude. Thats all. 
Well, but the tarts are nice :P 
Very beancurd! Because its beancurd tarts.
Oh ya and the auntie told me to call & reserve in future, and gave me a pineapple tart to try. Ok, quite nice but not friendly or smiley.
Lenas for a free member drink! Ice tea... & not forgetting desserts!

Ice cream in milk tea!
I feel loved & blessed :D
Everybody should live their life like their last. 
(I don't mean spending all your savings)


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    1. what you mentioned above about Le Cafe services,attitude problem from a auntie,or they have attitude problem, but their business is so good. How is the auntie look like? Maybe i try to be careful next time when i visit their middle road shop.Did you still visit their shop for bean curd tarts or pineapple tarts, bean curd tarts now is $9 per box.INDEED THEIR SERVICES NOT VERY FRIENDLY? I ALSO DON'T KNOW WHY? i like your blog about food very much. 加油。

    2. hi vivienne, do u know any other bakery shop sell bean curd tarts and the services is good?

    3. the FishTail/HighLow black dress,you wear it very beuatiful !