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Saturday, June 23, 2012

MOF & HK Sun Kee with LiKeng & XiaoHui!


My favourite breakfast! Laksa Noodles from the malay stall at my office canteen!
Baskin Robbins on a hot afternoon! Awesome rocky road.
I forgotten! I think its some cheesecake flavour & macadamia! My instagram is more updated! :P

Its MOF with LiKeng & XiaoHui after work! Look at the long queue at Sushi Tei! Its Friday evening, maybe that explains why. Singaporeans love Japanese food! 

SoftShellCrab Maki! Not a fan of soft shell crab so i don't find it nice.

My set! I love rice set because basically I love to eat rice. I am so man-like. Most girls would pick noodles to rice, but I am the opposite.
Keng's set. Mushroom lover! 
Next stop: Hong Kong Sun Kee! 
Because this preggy is craving for mango pomelo AGAIN. I don't mind because I loves desserts :P
Li Keng's 
Like noodles! 
Lastly, a gift from LiKeng, got for us in Taipei <3
Love it lots and using it as a tissue cum coin pouch! 

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