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Monday, June 18, 2012

Off to Orchard, Mother's Day gift for mum!

New Top!

Trying on FitFlops - getting 1 for mummy! SGD$170! o.o 
I feel like I will fall if I wear that. HAHA Don't understand the craze. 
Arteastiq finally!! 

Just drinks only and the table is full! Love their presentation but its rather heavy and troublesome. 
Ice latte for B & I had 'Lady Yang'! 
'Lady Yang' is Oolong Tea with Lychee gelato. 
If you see clearly, this is another glass on my tray - thats the balance of the Ooling tea. Cool! 
SGD$11 for 'Lady Yang'. 

'Lady Yang' :D
'Bikini Babe' for B! 
Its Ultra slow cooked pork loin in fruity pineapple. 

I had 'Fiesta Chicken'. 
Smoked chicken with fresh mango, coriander, spring onion, mint leaves, khoo chye and homemade Thai mayo sauce. May sound like a weird combination but its taste alright. Very refreshing kind of taste! 

Pictures! While waiting for the bill!


Shopped around and found a new bakery in Takashimaya! 

Bought chocolate croissants & Imo-mochi! 

Happy with my buys! Pampered :p 
Presented mummy her present & she is a happy girl today! MUAHAH! 

2 Pictures i took from the web. 

For mum!
For brother! 
For myself heeee!! 
Bought these at Daiso! 
Bought FitFlops at OG, and i got 1 free diamond!

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