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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Mummies Day 2012! Ramen Champion & Durian Mpire!

Some photo spamming first! :D

In my new Forever 21 floral top! 
And Forever 21 shorts.
Ramen Champion for lunch! 

My spicy ramen :p
Love the egg!

Brought my laptop to a cafe to slack with some good coffee & cake!

Vanilla Latte for me.
Vanilla Milkshake
Mango Oreo cheesecake!

Went to the airport because I ordered a cake from Durian Mpire for Mummy.
Why airport because it is the nearest to my house.

Ordered from Durian Mpire because it is the famous 717 Durian. I love their mooncakes & durian puff but this mother's day cake is disappointing. Durian lovers - my mum & brother don't find it nice at all. :(

Happy Mother's Day!! :D

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