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Friday, June 22, 2012

Macaroons love, Wild Honey!

For the cold rainy weather.
With the brolly I got from Taiwan years ago! Pink, lacy!
Macaroons for breakfast! This is happy food!

OMG I almost died when I bite into the caramel macaroon! Picture can describe to you how awesome right?
This is the mango one.

Tie Dan (Steel egg) from Sherraine from Taiwan! Once I start eating, I can't stop. *screams HIGH CHOLESTEROL* 

Dinner with the lover at Wild Honey! 
Mandarin Wilderness SGD$9
Ice blended raspberry, banana, mandarin & honey
Lover's breakfast-dinner!
English Breakfast SGD$22
Scrambled eggs, back bacon, cumberland pork sausage, sauteed mushrooms, dad's baked beans, breakfast potatoes, grilled vine ripened tomato & signature brioche.

I wanted to take the Japanese one, but it seems like its not that recommended by lover. Its just greens & rice?? haha! 
So I chose
Aussie SGD$25
120grams (240grams available) Australian grass fed rib-eye, melted onion & red, yellow peppers, fried egg on grilled brioche, breakfast potatoes & dad's baked beans.

Looks good right! 
Thats my second time to Wild Honey :D

Headed to Pauls but it closed! :((
No chance to buy expensive bread for breakfast. Next time!

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