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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Year 2013 - CNY Day 3: Steamboat gathering with the gals!

Too much good food and fun, and this is CNY Day 3!

 photo file_zps041f969a.jpg

Woke up and feeling really shiok because its a really long holiday. So I woke up and have a huge craving for abalones! So I made abalones, clams with soya sauce, chilli padi & lime.

 photo file_zps275dec87.jpg

Mummy cooked chrysanthemum tea because she spotted that I have many new pimples due to heaty food.

 photo file_zps8b225805.jpg

Using Phoster app for iPhone.

 photo file_zpsa23f037e.jpg

 photo file_zpsee4b1dcb.jpg

Mummy cooked lunch with the steamboat leftovers on CNY eve.

 photo file_zps5430bfa1.jpg

 photo file_zps21fdd533.jpg

 photo file_zps0a8d3911.jpg

The sky is so beautiful that I have to take. Then its to Lin's place for our yearly CNY gathering! This year got new member!

 photo file_zps819b5fb8.jpg

 photo file_zpsb8d2b875.jpg

 photo file_zps1aced1db.jpg

This year, I decided to make a change! Yusheng form MOF instead of the usual Sakae because Sakae's standard dropped so much & prices increasing non stop. This is the smallest for takeaway, S$32.80 before GST.

 photo file_zpse08f7dd5.jpg

I have to introduce, Lin & Vin specially bought these... ALL, everything of the food and even the BBQ/steamboat thingy on CNY eve. At the strike of 12am, she is still queueing at GIANT. HAHA! Thank you for your efforts and for letting us mess up your house again!

 photo file_zpsfa567438.jpg

Poor BFF & hubby. We were busy eating, they are busy with god son. I think he got a little scare as he did a lot of visiting during CNY.

 photo file_zps8813399d.jpg

 photo file_zps5405bb08.jpg

But when he reached home and washed up, he fell asleep and looks like having the sweetest dream!

 photo file_zpse22fff50.jpg

And lastly, a Hello Kitty Fishcake that looks like a piglet after BBQ-ing.

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