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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Collagen - Yummy grape flavoured jelly!

 photo file_zps34fb10c4.jpg
Smiling happily because I realised I can carry my Naraya on my shoulder.
 photo file_zps7e4503dd.jpg
Doing spring cleaning to my lens cupboard and decided to open a few pairs. (so that I can order more. WTF)
 photo file_zpsb88d50af.jpg
Shopped in Watsons & found this! S$9.90 for a 3 strips pack! I tell you, it taste real yummy! Its totally grape jelly. You know some collagen smells bad, because of a fishy kind of smell but this jelly, the grape smell is a bit over but I like, because its grape flavour. So I tagged this post under ''facetreats'' because collagen good for skin!
 photo file_zps9679652f.jpg

 photo file_zps8cd57fa9.jpg
Long John Silver's Crazy Potatoes!
 photo file_zps15cf402a.jpg
And minty milo to end the night. Good night!!

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