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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Year 2013 - CNY Day 2!

I apologise (to my diary again) for the lack of updates AGAIN.

Its already the last day of Chinese New Year today! And I thought with my new macbook, it would encourage me to blog more, or rather as & when. Short posts on shorter and not-so-tired days but I was wrong. Everyday I felt so tired. But I will try harder and be here more often!

 photo file_zpse5cbc0a5.jpg

 photo file_zps1aed4e70.jpg

Chinese new year 2nd day, I killed a fly. I just whack it with a book (1 shot) while its flying around. *smug*

 photo file_zps6fb2591e.jpg

Sometimes I feel this way... ...

 photo file_zpsf88afd8e.jpg

And mummy figured out how to change whatsapp's status!

 photo file_zps62090523.jpg

Brother's lunch is chicken rice + mini ez bak kwa.

 photo file_zpsa80b7ef9.jpg

Mahjong the whole day - almost. So we can only afford to find time to make a phone call to order our meal.

 photo file_zps0f8fd0f6.jpg

I dislike Popeye's biscuit. To make it more interesting, more appetising, I tried to beautify it, take pictures etc. Well, I still could not finish 1 because the biscuit really sucks. :(

 photo file_zpsdb8cbaf1.jpg

God son says Happy New Year too! He is in the romper I got for him at Camouflage!

Hope you have a very wonderful Lunar New Year this 2013!

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