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Monday, February 11, 2013

Chinese New Year Eve 2013!

Happy New Year to everybody - reading or not reading this space of mine! May this snake year be good to everyone of us!
 photo file_zps5e2c1874.jpg

A packet of Binggrae Strawberry Milk (S$1.30 from Shine Korea Supermarket) for breakfast because I wil be having a lot of food today, so must control a bit on breakfast and in between breaks!

 photo file_zps9375cff7.jpg

Opening ceremony to this Etude House eye primer that XH got for me from her Korea Honeymoon! And its good!! Love gel kind of (i'm not sure if its gel) primer, because its not sticky! Imagine u apply eye primer on eyelids and your eyelids feel like sticking together, from double eye lids to single. DAFUG.

 photo file_zps1a608759.jpg

Roasted pork that mummy brought to the temple in the morning to pray my grandparents. (Temple don't allow meat) So mummy play cheat and said ''once a year only, nevermind la.'' Mummy insisted that I eat a piece of these because i will be heng heng. So HUAT AH~~

 photo file_zps8199b6b5.jpg

 photo file_zps9cbc3ea1.jpg

Outfit for CNY eve. Wanted to wear a dress but I think i had enough of dresses on weekdays to work, so its shorts :D Awesome laksa & chicken broth steamboat at K's place!

 photo file_zps3c3d2b02.jpg

 photo file_zps86824825.jpg

 photo file_zps7a06f49f.jpg

Not forgetting the vegetables!

 photo file_zps859a580f.jpg

Nian Gao!

 photo file_zps9dcf4b5b.jpg

Love it!! Its been 4-5 years since I last had a laksa steamboat i think. Never fails!

 photo file_zpsc9a447a5.jpg

 photo file_zpsb4fe6a94.jpg

 photo file_zps6485c852.jpg

 photo file_zps0f91422a.jpg

All the CNY feel! Thank you for making me feel at home :D

Back to my own house:

 photo file_zpsd026b4ce.jpg

 photo file_zpsc9cb5f52.jpg

 photo file_zps69f649ce.jpg

 photo file_zps7c020a77.jpg

Mum specially asked for a shot on these abalones haha!

 photo file_zpsd46f1d17.jpg

I am a Prawn. No. I am a Crabstick.

 photo file_zpseb7977de.jpg

Drawn by little cousin!

 photo file_zps15d2b31c.jpg

Dad bought these.... All these for S$51! SOOOO EXPENSIVE!

 photo file_zps76c9ab6a.jpg

 photo file_zps0eff831e.jpg

Our little corner of CNY goodies!

 photo file_zps1ab31153.jpg

Finally a compliment from mummy - she said that the layers are nice. MUAHAH!

 photo file_zps65e65dd1.jpg

After reunion dinner, I ''whacked'' a bowl of coffee DouWow! from my Brother's experiment! Because the fridge no more space.

 photo file_zps1dbb51f1.jpg

Showered and changed into new clothes, but not so new. The Pink Punk Tee, i bought like 5 years ago, not worn at all. Shorts from La Senza I bought in Dec 2011 wanted to wear for 2012 CNY but forget all about it and then I jus dug them out during my packing HAHA!

 photo file_zps3490de5b.jpg

Watching the CNY countdown show on TV, waiting to countdown and collect ang bao from mummy, and eat tang yuan. Same pattern every year.

 photo file_zpsb56f26a6.jpg

Tang Yuan at 12am! HAPPY SNAKE YEAR!!

 photo file_zps13eeb6d7.jpg

Passing on the baton from Dragon to Snake! WOOHOO!

 photo file_zpsc2f30926.jpg

Daddy & Mummy's ang bao to put under my pillow, to ya shui - something like suppress your parents' age!

Happy Lunar New Year once again!

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