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Friday, February 8, 2013

Yomenya Goemon

Its Japanese cum western food today!
Always wanted to try this because the wax food looks so yummy!
 photo file_zps69370f80.jpg
K is very hungry, so... The Bacon & Beef Chorizo with Chilli Tomato sauce is very nice! I prefer this to Mentaiko Shrimp :P

Half & Half Set B (served with a soup, soft drink or dessert)
Mentaiko Shrimp & Japnese Herb Ao-Shiso & Sausage, Bacon & Beef Chorizo with Chilli Tomato Sauce S$20.90

 photo file_zps3b75b2b0.jpg
Close up of the pasta.
 photo file_zps4546f46a.jpg
Then.. I went the same pasta -_- We didn't know because we quickly ordered without discussing. Too hungry.

Mentaiko Spicy Cod Roe S$14
(Mentaiko Shrimp & Japnese Herb Ao-Shiso)

 photo file_zps597d6d2e.jpg

 photo file_zps9afbaf62.jpg

Souffle Cheese Cake with Strawberry Ice Cream


Ok, got to go! Too tired from all the packing and cleaning up due to the upcoming CNY! More pictures on CNY soon! :D

Its CNY eve tomorrow! Enjoy your reunion dinners wherever you are!

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