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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love Weekends: Harry's & Max Brenner!

I can have desserts at any point of time in a day!

 photo file_zpsf3727b34.jpg

 photo file_zps8530527d.jpg

So good that Vitty wants to have a share too. Eighties Milkshake (Milk chocolate ganache, vanilla bourbon icecream and a crunchy chocolate shell) S$9.90

 photo file_zps91940b0c.jpg

 photo file_zps40ab8e32.jpg

 photo file_zpseac89f86.jpg

This. I almost died. The BEST crepe dessert I have ever eat!

 photo file_zpsdcf0979d.jpg

Close up after we poured the chocolate syrup on the crepe. Every mouthful is soaked with caramel & chocolate sauce. Awesome. I cannot find anything to describe this orgasm, please go & try yourselves.

Hazelnut Cream Banana Toffee Crepe (Caramel icecream, chocolate crunchy wafer balls, milk chocolate ganache) S$17.90


 photo file_zps3ae19656.jpg

Then to Harry's for some drinks!

 photo file_zpse94d660f.jpg

New floral dress!

 photo file_zps1453cc35.jpg

Belated Christmas presents!

 photo file_zps3d617f87.jpg

Very true and I am pleased to say I have let go of those negative people in my life. For these past 4 years, they have been with me, or rather I have been with them, and when it comes to real, serious situation, then I am able to see their true colours and I thank god for these. Yes, I have spent 4 years but its worth it. Totally worth it to see through all of them. (Will blog more on these when I have the time)

 photo file_zps0f951fd9.jpg

And it makes me happy.

 photo file_zps7fc74021.jpg

And I am thankful, to be able to wake up to a new beautiful morning, everyday.

 photo file_zpsd78d34a9.jpg

Lastly, colleague spent like S$250 on cookies for us, for Christmas.

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